Our Factories

China. Indonesia. Malaysia. Singapore
They are the muscle behind our business, that’s why we employ only the best to make our products.
trinity logoGuangdong, China

Our China factory; managed and owned by Onestop Singapore is located at Foshan City in Guangdong Province. It covers 50,000 square metres and employs more than 200 dedicated staff. Our direct management of the manufacturing operations and its various departments enables more stringent quality control and time management. The facility posses an array of manufacturing tools and machinery which includes numerous numerical control machines and precision tools to process various materials. A renowned international hospitality furniture manufacturer, our factory has earned various international certifications such as ISO 9001:2008.

iso cert

Java, Indonesia

Our Indonesian carpenters are capable of doing a wide range of projects. With woodworking skills passed down for generations, we credit our Indonesian carpenters for most of our outdoor grade hospitality and f&b teak and jungle wood slab furniture. Based in central Java which is nicknamed the world’s carving centre, these skilled craftsmen and expert carvers create exquisite furniture pieces time after time. The abundant resources available to the Indonesian archipelago has also enabled us to source for exotic building materials not commonly found elsewhere.


Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Our Malaysian craftsmen are well-versed in plywood and built-in carpentry. This team comprises of very seasoned and well-trained specialist with many years of practice. Their key strength is their mobility and ability to move to any site should the need arise. Being masters in their craft, our carpenters are able to solve any issues on site.