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5 Steps to Protecting your Furniture from the Environment

outdoor furniture

Your furniture and interior decor are one of the most important parts of your hotel or resort. Some may also consider it to be among the most crucial purchasing decisions for your hotel.

One of the first steps to ensuring your furniture lasts a long time is to select the right materials depending on what your furniture is being used for. For example, full fabric-upholstered sofas would probably not be suitable for outdoors.

Once you have selected the right hotel furniture, the next step is caring for it properly. With the time and cost that goes into ordering custom hotel furniture, you definitely want to make sure that it lasts a long time as well.

Properly caring for furniture for resorts can enhance usability, and also help your furniture look better and last longer.

One of the primary causes for wear and tear of your furniture is the climate. This could be sun, rain, salinity, and much more. With this in mind, here are some of the primary causes of environmental damage and what you can do to prevent it.



This is probably the first element that is likely to cause your furniture to crack or expand. When humidity levels are too high, furniture may expand. On the other hand, if the levels are too low, your hotel furniture may shrink and crack.


Outdoor furniture at Constance Halaveli Maldives

Proper planning beforehand is the first step to preventing this. Certain production techniques and joint methods are able to prevent and counter the effects of movements that can cause warping and cracks.

furniture joints

The next step is to ensure all the rooms are well ventilated. Always ensure there is a constant flow of air for areas that are subjected to moisture, such as near toilets and kitchens. Another tip is to keep your furniture away from air heating systems, as these can have an adverse effect on your furniture. Air-conditioned areas are usually okay.


Air Pollutants

hotel air purifier

Air purifier at Sheraton Hotel

For the majority of metropolitan areas, there is a strong chance of air pollutants that can affect your furniture’s surface. To keep your furniture safe, you might consider installing air purifiers throughout some areas of your hotel.



One of the simplest ways to protect your furniture from fading is to keep it out of direct sunlight. However, this may not always be possible. For Maldivian resort furniture, or other resort furniture in tropical or islands climates, there will always be some furniture in the sun.


indoor furniture

Indoor Furniture at Centara Grand Island Beach Suite


Outdoor Grade Acrylic Fabric

This may be your swimming pool lounge furniture, garden furniture, or beach furniture. In this case, it’s important to ensure that any selected textiles are suitable for outdoors, and also have UV protection to prevent the breakdown of the fibers. This will help it look better and last longer.


Pest Control:

If your hotel or resort is located in a tropical or humid climate, your furniture may be at risk of pests. In this case, there are two main things that you can do to prevent it.

pest control2

The first is to ensure that your furniture comes from a manufacturer who understands how to carry out the proper treatment on wood. This will destroy insect eggs that may be present in the wood, and may take months to incubate and hatch within the furniture.


Next, is to make sure that your furniture is kept clean and dry, as moisture tends to attract insects. This reduces that chance of pests destroying your furniture. Another option is to apply chemical sprays to protect your furniture and decor from bugs, termites, rats, and other pests.



Last but not least, is dust. This is one of the primary causes of furniture damage. Dust can scratch your furniture’s surface, or attract moisture which can weaken the finish. The most important way to protect your furniture from dust is to clean it regularly. When cleaning wooden furniture, we recommend using a soft cotton cloth to avoid any scratching. It may also be necessary to schedule a quarterly cleaning to remove any build-up of grime. For upholstered furniture, a weekly vacuuming can help to prevent dust damage.


Those are just a few tips on how to protect furniture for resorts from the environment. By following these simple steps, hopefully you can prevent environmental damage, and lengthen the lifespan of your furniture.

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