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A look at Colour Trends for Hotels

Creativity is probably one of the initial things that will catch your customer’s eye. This could be creativity in design, layout, and even the colour palette. Different colours can represent different things, and can change the overall appearance of your hotel.

Every hotel is a home away from home. This makes it very important for guests to feel comfortable and at home. There has always been a deep psychological connection between colour and how it affects our moods and feelings.

As colour is one of the first things you may notice in a hotel’s interior design, it’s definitely a good place to start when setting the mood.


The Psychology of Colour

Certain colours are known to evoke certain moods. That being said, different shades of the same colour may also have a different effect. As a general rule, light colours can make rooms seem more bright and spacious, while darker colours have a more luxurious and sophisticated effect.

The concept of colour is often associated with emotion. According to research, humans do more than just see colour. We can feel it. Different colours may increase memory, engage and increase participation, and hold attention.


Most hotel guests gauge their experience on Emotion

Many guests book their hotels based on an experience that they want to have. This means more than just customised experiences, but how the hotel can make you feel. On the same point, colours can express different feelings: Green is often attached to nature, while orange invokes adventure. Based on this, it’s important to choose a colour palette that represents what your hotel stands for.

The question to ask is why do customers choose your specific hotel? Is it mainly for business? Is it for holiday? What kind of experience do you want your guests to have? Focusing on these can help you choose a colour palette that matches the mood of your hotel.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the main colour palettes used in hotels and the different moods or feelings they could represent.


Blue and Green: Calm and Content

angad arts hotel

Angad Arts Hotel, St. Louis

Green is one of the most calming colours to the human eye, based on its connection to nature. It symbolizes calmness, satisfaction, and rhythm. Green has a refreshing look and is a popular choice for spas, and rejuvenation. Blue is another color that expresses trust and honesty, can signify peace, and even works as stress reduction.


Yellow and Blue: Bright and Relaxing

micheles convent hotel

St. Michele’s Convent Hotel, Island of Capri

Yellow is optimistic and bright. Just a small dash of yellow can brighten your room and completely change its outlook. A combination of yellow and blue creates a bright and cheerful atmosphere for guests. From guests rooms, to lobbies or restaurants, a yellow and blue combination creates a pleasant a sunny look.


Rose Quartz: In the pink

pink rose hotel colour scheme

Shankly Hotel, Liverpool

Pink is a colour that can be gentle or striking, depending on the shade. As an overall scheme, it lends an atmosphere of freshness and comfort. A touch of hot pink paired with darker colours can provide a striking and sophisticated look, while the more pastelle rose quartz is can draw guests attention with a calming and luxurious appearance. According to studies, pink is a colour that can help to relax your mind as well.


Black and Gold: Strong and Striking

black and gold hotel interior

Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego

Our previous colour palettes were mainly calming. But sometimes, you just want to stand out. When it comes to creating a striking appearance, nothing says it like black and gold. Black is also a sign of prestige and elegance, and when combined with gold produces a swanky and luxurious ambience.


Green and White: Clean and Serene

Archipelagos Luxury Hotel Mykonos

Archipelagos Luxury Hotel, Mykonos

Dark green was a popular trend in 2017, and now other greens are becoming popular, including olive green, mint green, and more. Green is commonly considered a symbol of nature, while white is a symbol of purity or perfection. When combined together, we get an amazing natural and tranquil vibe.


Red and Orange: Radiant and Rich

red orange hotel interior design

Ashford Castle Hotel, Ireland

Red is a very intense color in design and must be used tastefully. Traditionally, red is the color of strength, inspiration, and determination, while orange brings on positivity and joy. According to a survey, orange provides oxygen to the brain and keeps a balance in mental actions.


In Summary

Different people have different likes and preferences, but all love something creative and unique. The colors you choose for your hotel appearance depends on who you are and kind of guests you plan to attract.

While neutral colours will always be popular, more and more guests are attracted to hotels that are bold and colourful. Unexpected combinations and eclectic elements are something that frequent travellers will take note of and appreciate.

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