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How it all began

Established in 2008 by its founders Shaffiq and Yang, what began as a moment of tenacity has enabled Onestop to become a custom furniture manufacturer with big ambitions in the hospitality sector.

With a team based in Singapore and production capabilities in China, Indonesia and Malaysia, Onestop has established lasting relationships with clients over the years. More than a decade’s worth of experience in the industry has allowed us to pioneer an eight-step process that combines craftsmanship and design, with a resourcefulness in turning ideas into reality even in the most remote resort locations.

Onestop began as an unlikely series of events set in the Maldives. And with a line drawn back to Singapore: Shaffiq, then working in a trading company supplying building materials to businesses in the Maldives, promised a contact that he could take on a project. With no prior knowledge about furniture design, he turned to his friend Yang, who worked as a civil engineer at the time, for his help in deciphering the technical drawings and specifications provided.

Juggling their day jobs and working out of a small borrowed office, they worked on Onestop outside of office hours, visiting factories in China and Indonesia on the weekends—gaining experience as they went along. This hands on process eventually led them to the name Onestop: embodying the strive to become a well-rounded custom furniture manufacturer that specialises in a whole host of services.

Their efforts paid off with the first project, Velassaru Maldives Resort, serving as a stepping stone to other opportunities, like our first million dollar project by the Niyama Private Island Maldives.

Onestop also brought on a key partner, Jason, onto the team in 2010. Together with his custom furniture company, Momen, Jason brings with him an expertise cultivated from many years in the furniture industry, including a vast wealth of technical knowledge in furniture construction.

Operations wise, Onestop has also made significant investments in a factory three years into the industry. By bringing its management in-house, the move allows us to better finesse our control over operations, quality, storage and pricing.

Now, Onestop is the main supplier of premium furnishings to one-third of resorts based in the Maldives, a number that totals to over a hundred. Our core team has expanded to 10 in Singapore, backed by a 200-men and an 80-men production force in China and Indonesia respectively.

Our humble roots enable us to persevere and achieve the utmost best in a project, to reach for value and growth. Looking into the future, we hope to turn our sights closer to home: taking on the local Singapore market, and expanding our reach into other parts of Asia.

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