Top 3 Australian Resort Design Trends in 2019

It’s 2019, and hotels are no longer just a place to sleep for the night. Instead, hotels are lively and festive places where people connect. As designers, we focus on the design trends we expect to see at hotels in Australia this year.

Since The Hilton Sydney opened in 1974, the hotel industry in Australia has been rising and booming ever since. Hotels in Australia faced unexpected lows in the 2000’s. This is one reason hotel chains and properties are working hard to be different from their competitors. Let’s take a look at certain areas where we could see change, in 2019.


1. Colour

In 2018, we experienced a trend towards neutralized colours. Pale tints and soft shades like washed out pink, blue, cool grey and white were prevalent. We also saw a rising trend in colours like rose gold and silver. However, in 2019, the director of design at HVS design, Christine Shanahan, says that hotels can be seen moving away from using pale colours and going towards washing a room with bold and natural colours.

felix hotel, custom furniture sydney

Felix Hotel, Sydney


The reason behind, is that people having seen neutralized colours for a while. Now, they have started to enjoy bright and welcoming colours once again. Not only does it provide a natural feel, but also creates energy in the room. When looking at custom furniture in Sydney, we can see this factor becoming prevalent in furnishings and single walls.

Hobart's Macq01 -hotel furniture suppliers australia

Hobart’s Macq01 Hotel, Tasmania


Green is likely to be everywhere in 2019. According to Darren Palmer, one of Australia’s most renowned and influential interior designers, interior trends for 2019 are all about getting back to nature. He also said that he notices Coral colours everywhere in Calile, Brisbane in Fortitude Valley. The colour ‘Living Coral’ is an “animating and life-affirming shade of orange with a golden undertone” says Darren.

calile hotel brisbane - hotel furniture suppliers australia

Calile Hotel, Brisbane


2. Experience

Speaking of inspiration from nature, be ready to see more natural elements in hotel lobbies and rooms like hanging plants, creepers, living walls, etc. Such practices don’t affect the quality or wellness of the structure or room which is why they are welcome.

2 bedroom villa, custom furniture australia

A Balcony amidst the trees at the 2 bedroom villa in Pepper Noosa Resort


“People want greenery back as they need the warmth of something natural and alive” says Christine Shanahan,  director of design at HVS Design. A lot of prestigious hotels are now focused on providing people an experience that connects them with nature’s elements.

One example is Peppers Noosa Resort in Queensland. This quiet retreat is set in the middle of the rainforest of Noosa National Park, providing magnificent sea views and eco-friendly accommodations.

peppers noosa resort, queensland

Bird’s Eye view of Peppers Noosa Resort in Queensland, Australia



3. Furnishing

When it comes to furnishing, velvet and other rich materials will be seen more and move. These tend to create a feeling of warmth and comfort during colder seasons. Instead of using modern furniture, we see a lot of hotels moving towards traditional antique-style furniture.

Hotels are now more inclined towards focusing on their heritage and history through their designs, be it furniture, walls, paintings or even service. Through the years, studies have shown that travellers prefer valuable experiences instead of tangible objects. They seek the comfort they get at home, which is why it is important to make the hotel rooms and public areas feel more homely and residential. One example is the QT Resort’s colourful custom furniture in Sydney.

qt hotel - custom furniture sydney

QT Hotel & Resort in Sydney, Australia


In order to contribute to the hotel heritage, a lot of hotels in Australia are now inclined towards custom built furniture instead of ready-made furniture. Darren Palmer also addresses the fact that the demand for custom hotel furniture suppliers in Australia will continue to rise in 2019 as more and more hotels and resorts want their furniture to also reflect a lifestyle.

Be ready to see a change in sitting arrangements too, as we have seen a rising trend of using indoor furniture for outdoor purposes. It does make sense given the warm climate of Australia, but in 2019, this trend is expected to grow. We also have seen the rise in the usage of pod-like areas.

These areas are generally used by people who prefer a bit of privacy in public places like the lobby, restaurants, and outdoor gardens. As custom hotel furniture suppliers in Australia, we also expect to see a lot of changes in the design of furniture this year.

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5 Interesting uses of Glass, Ceramic & Resin for your Resort

Glass is not believed to be a man-made product. Scientists claim that Mother Nature creates glass as well. Glass is formed when a molten material cools so rapidly that there is not enough time for a crystalline structure to form. For example, if lava from a volcano cools down rapidly a glass like rock is formed called obsidian. A wide variety of styles and uses makes glass decor a popular choice for many hotels and resorts.

Glass is made up of materials like sand, soda, ash and limestone. This makes glass completely recyclable. Recycled glass not only saves resources, it also is beneficial to the manufacturers as this recycled glass can substitute for 95% of raw materials.

recycled glass furniture

Resin is a solid, highly viscous substance of either plant or synthetic origin. Natural resin is secreted by plants and is used to manufacture various products. Resin furniture is made from synthetic resins. Synthetic resins behave like the natural ones, and also share some common properties. Therefore, consumers concerned about the environment may find this class of furniture a suitable alternative.

synthetic resins for furniture

Resin furniture is often used together with wood to make unique and creative designs. When you shop for patio pieces you can find everything from tables and chairs to gliders and swings. These types of furniture come in a variety of colours, sizes, and design styles.

Read on to know about a few interesting uses of glass and resins for your hotel or resort furniture.


1. Mosaics

mozaic art for resorts


For a stunning touch to your interior design, we can use glass or ceramic pieces to create an intricate mosaic that will catch the eye of your guests. These mosaics are set in stone or wood and can be used as a feature wall, flooring, or even a luxury table top.


2. Stained glass

stained glass2


The colour of glass can be changed by simply adding metallic salts during the manufacturing process. For example, adding Chromium gives the glass a deep green colour. This stained glass effect is often used in windows, creating colourful patterns when the light shines through.


stained glass


3. Resin-Filled Wooden Table Tops

resin tables

Resin Wood coffee tables are a beautiful and unique way to add some colour to your wooden designs. These highly sought after pieces are created by casting clear or coloured resin into your wooden table top. This effect can transform a seemingly normal table top into a one of a kind centerpiece for your interior.


4. Feature centerpieces

ceramic feature centerpieces

Add the finishing touch to your decor with a custom designed feature piece. We’ll work together with you to to design the perfect creative and beautiful piece that will enhance the aesthetics of your interior and add that dash of style.


5. Resin panels

resin panels for resorts

Resin panels are environmental friendly and fashionable. They are fireproof and water resistant. Since resin panels are translucent; they can be used as screen walls in hotel lobbies, as wardrobe doors, and more.

resin hotel lobby

Due to the excellent resistance to heat, high adhesive strength and resistance to chemicals, resin is gaining widespread popularity in the furniture industry.

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A look at Hotels & Tourism in Fiji

Fiji, officially known as the Republic of Fiji is an island country in the South Pacific. Fiji is among the most developed islands in the Pacific. Tourism and travel contributes majorly to the economy. The most popular regions are the Coral Coast, Nadi, Denarau Island and Mamanuca Islands.

fiji furniture

Fiji is probably best known for its white sandy beaches and soft coral reefs. Fantastic diving spots also adds a touch of adventure to the beauty of these islands. Whether you are on a honeymoon, or need a family getaway spot, or simply want to enjoy a solo trip, Fiji will not disappoint you.


Tourism on the Rise in the Fiji islands

Fiji consists of more than 300 islands spread across roughly 1.3 million square km of ocean. Because of this, its aviation industry is highly developed despite being a small nation. The country is home to 19 commercial airfields, plus seven private airports.

fiji airport

Arrival Hall at Nadi International Airport, Fiji

Over the years, an increase in direct flights to key destinations in Fiji has played a major role in the increase of tourism to the country.

Visitor arrivals have continued to increase over the past 20 years. In 1993, visitor arrivals stood at 318,874 which increased to 660,590 by 2012, an average increase of around 4.5 percent annually. In 2017, Fiji welcomed more than 840,000 visitors, and the numbers are continuing to increase.


Hotels & Resorts in Fiji

sofitel resort Fiji

Sofitel Resort, Denarau Island, Fiji

Fiji has over 50 hotels and resort spread across its two largest islands, as well as some of the smaller ones. In Fiji you will find many hotels that offer facilities of international standards. Alternatively, you can also choose to stay at the village to experience the real Fiji. Backpackers and adventurers are also well looked after, with a huge range of affordable hostels and island resorts that offer eco-tours.

In order to keep up to international standards for tourists, Fiji resort furniture suppliers are in high demand. These suppliers have a huge responsibility of keeping themselves up-to-date with the latest trends in furniture designs. Most resort and hotel owners look for a custom hotel furniture supplier. These suppliers customise the furniture to suit your preferences, keeping in mind the aesthetics of the hotel.


Furniture and the Fiji Climate

Fiji is blessed with a warm, tropical climate. During the period from March to November, the southeast trade winds bring dry weather. Fiji has rainy season from December to April. The tropical coastal climate brings along its fair share of surprises. In comparison to The Maldives, Fiji weather is quite similar, although the air is not as saline.

Not all materials used for furniture can withstand these drastic weather changes and begin to fall apart quickly. Even the most durable of fabrics used for upholstery break down if not maintained properly.
Vacuuming once a month and spot cleaning can go a long way in maintaining the fabrics. Patterned fabrics, tone on tone or textured fabric make the furniture look better for longer as compared to plain single colours.

Shangri-La Fiji Furniture

Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort


Choosing the right furniture for your Fiji Hotels & Resorts

Currently, the usual Fiji furniture for resorts tend to be simple and functional. However, the trend is now moving towards more contemporary styles as tourists to Fiji become more design conscious.

With the majority of Fiji’s tourists come from Australia, Fiji is quickly developing to be a leading beach holiday destination, rivalling the nearby island of Bali in Indonesia – a popular hotspot for Australian tourists.

fiji resort furniture suppliers

When selecting furniture for hotel rooms, it is important to understand that the Fiji climate is humid. Memory foam mattresses absorb heat and can begin to sag if used for longer periods of time. Hence spring mattresses or latex mattresses are a better choice. Also for mattresses covers, bed sheets, pillow cases it is wiser to choose breathable fabrics like cotton with light colours.

Hotel furnishing trends concentrate more on common areas and lobbies, giving the guests an opportunity to leave their rooms more often and socialize.

One point to keep in mind when choosing furniture for public areas is to ensure that the furniture pieces are developed with sturdy construction and strong joints for seating. These should also be built strong enough to accommodate guests of various weights or sizes.

luxury fiji resort furniture suppliers

Fijian hotels also give importance to waiting areas. Considering the lunch rush hours or the dinner queues, having a large group of customers waiting inside for their meals is not a pleasant idea. Not only do they get in the servers’ way but also do not let the patrons currently having their meals enjoy them.

Fiji Furniture Manufacturers

Keeping in the mind the warm climate that the waiting customers will have to face outside, these hotels and resorts have pleasantly furnished waiting areas. These waiting rooms make sure that the customers do not wander away searching for food elsewhere.

If you are looking for a quality custom resort furniture supplier, get in touch with our team here.

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Themed Restaurants and Interior Fit-out works in Singapore

New restaurants in Singapore are opening all the time. With the level of competition in the F&B industry in Singapore, it’s very important to ensure your guests have a memorable experience at your restaurant. For independent restaurants to be able to survive the test of time, it takes a unique competitive advantage.

overeasy cafe furniture singapore

A successful restaurant in Singapore requires more than just a good location. Just a few of the obstacles that restaurant owners may face include fierce competition, hiring quality staff, knowledge & experience, and even random unexpected hurdles like the weather.


So how do you create a memorable dining experience?

A competitive advantage for your restaurant means establishing a quality that makes your restaurant the preferred choice in its market. This may be aspects of your food, drink, service, and even custom cafe furniture and ambience that give your venue superior value and help you stand out from the rest.

There are many important elements that can provide a unique character for your restaurant in the marketplace. Among these are hospitality and service, price, menu selection, and much more.


The Advantages of a Themed Restaurant in Singapore

Themed restaurants are just one way to set the mood for a unique and memorable dining experience. This encompasses several elements of the restaurant, from menu, to service, decor, and ambience. Successful themed restaurants give restaurant owners a chance to establish a unique brand name that can help increase sales and keep customers coming back.


Onestop’s Custom F&B furniture and Interior Fit-out Services

Onestop specialises in custom furniture in Singapore, including bespoke cafe furniture, as well as bar & restaurant furniture. We provides complete interior solutions for boutique and themed restaurants in Singapore. We work with you from start to finish to help you bring your ideas into reality.

With more than a decade of industry experience as a bar & restaurant furniture supplier, Onestop has had the opportunity to work with a range of unique restaurants in Singapore and around the region. Here’s a quick look at some of the projects that we’ve worked on.

Prive Paragon

Set in the iconic shopping district of Orchard Road, Prive Paragon provides a unique lifestyle concept as a relaxing alfresco restaurant, open from breakfast to dinner.

prive paragon custom cafe furniture suppliers singapore

For this project, Onestop took on the design and production for indoor booth seating, outdoor dining chairs, dining sofas, barstools, and dining tables.

prive orchard custom cafe furniture supplier orchard

View the full project in our portfolio here.

Bayswater Kitchen

Serving up good vibes and fresh seafood, Bayswater Kitchen presents a casual sea-front dining experience with alfresco seating and dazzling waterfront views.

bayswater bar restaurant furniture suppliers singapore

Our job here included indoor and outdoor seating, including spindle dining chairs, dining tub chairs, and barstools.

bar restaurant furniture singapore in bayswater kitchen

View full Bayswater Kitchen project here.

Overeasy Fullerton

A casual dining spot meets late night hangout: Overeasy combines a classic menu with stunning views for a fun & friendly experience.

overeasy commercial restaurant furniture supplier onestop

Touted as the ultimate American diner in Singapore, we worked together to create an authentic American diner experience with comfortable outdoor sofas, classic barstools and cafe furniture, and a cosy indoor seating area.

See more photos at Overeasy here.

Straits Clan

An chic and stylish member’s club, Straits Clan pays homage to an era of exclusive events, intimate spaces, and fine wines and spirits.

straits clan custom furniture singapore by onestop

straits clan custom furniture singapore

Aiming to build a modern community of ideas, innovation, and social change, we worked to create a space that is at once iconic and relaxing. This included a combination of lush sofas, comfortable lounge chairs, a casual dining area, and even massage chairs.

straits clan restaurant furniture singapore

custom furniture singapore - straits clan

Origin Bar & Grill

This bar and restaurant in Shangri-La Singapore is a casual yet classy venue for an excellent dining experience.

To provide an exclusive yet comfortable ambience, Onestop provided a custom selection of dining chairs, drink trolleys, and services stations which combine natural hues with uniquely crafted designs.

luxury boutique restaurant furniture supplier

boutique themed restaurant furniture singapore


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Onestop: A look-back on 2018

With 2018 coming to a close, we wanted to take this time to look back on what has been accomplished this year. 2018 has been a busy but exciting year with a lot accomplished and a lot more to look forward to!

Celebrating a 10-year Milestone

10 years anniversary - onestop custom furniture
Earlier this year, Onestop was able to celebrate 10 years in the industry of custom hospitality furniture. In celebrating these 10 years and the steps it took to reach our goals, we’d like to express our gratitude to all those we have worked together with over the last decade; who helped us grow from just a small team to one of the global leaders in customised hospitality furniture.

We celebrated this momentous event with a delicious dinner at 665 Degree Fahrenheit at Andaz.


Travel Trade Maldives 2018

maldives tt
In April this year, we took a trip to the Travel Trade Maldives 2018 – a supplier expo for companies in the travel industry. Here, we had the amazing opportunity to showcase our portfolio and some of the unique materials we work with, as well as engage with reputable leaders in the Maldivian hospitality industry.


Project Highlights 2018

During the past 12 months, we also completed a number of exciting projects across The Maldives and Southeast Asia.

Some of our favourite highlights include:



This project included built-in and loose furniture in public areas of the resort, as well as 23 guest rooms.


Lux* North Male Atoll

lux - hospitality furniture maldives
Also situated in the Maldives, this project focused on both built-in and loose furniture and décor across 54 rooms and all public areas.


Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

conrad water villa
For this refurbished deluxe beach villa, we managed all built-in and loose furniture for 28 rooms in the resort.

Introducing a New Service: Complete Interior Fitout

Aside from the rest of what we’ve been busy with, we’re also happy to announce the availability of a new service. Instead of only focusing on custom hospitality furniture, we now offer complete interior fit-out services – giving our clients a complete onestop solution to their interior needs.

To date, we’ve managed a number of interior fit-out projects across the region.

One such project is the Singha Estate Mega-project in the Maldives. Singha Estate, in partnership with Café Del Mar, has released plans which consist of a yacht marina, retail outlets, a hotel and stunning white sand beach for the first phase.

the marina @ crossroads

Aside from Singha Estate, we’ve also worked together with Hard Rock Hotel for built-in furniture in rooms and public areas, Saii Lagoon Maldives – Curio Collection by Hilton: built in furniture for rooms & public areas, interior fit out works for public areas at Café Del Mar Maldives, as well as The Marina @ Crossroads Maldives.

Grandhyatt custom furniture interior fit out


Welcoming 2019!

In closing, as 2018 comes to an end, we’d like to turn our thoughts to all those who helped make our progress possible. We thank you for the trust and support throughout the years and we are looking forward to a new year that brings new challenges and opportunities for all of us.

With that, we’d like to wish a Happy New Year 2019 to all, with a fruitful and prosperous year to come.

ny 2019


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Suppliers You Should Know: Onestop

Originally published on Hotelier Maldives.

The Maldivian hospitality industry has today grown to a level previously unthought of. With the country labelled as one of the top luxury destinations, guests expect the very best in all aspects of a resort. The design and furnishings of a resort are key to creating a lasting impression and ensuring a luxury tropical island vacation for all visitors.

In the “Suppliers You Should Know” segment of Hotelier Maldives issue 33, we put the spotlight on some of the leading furniture suppliers. Here, we take a brief look at Onestop.


Have you introduced any new products?

We unveiled our A+F range during the Guesthouses Maldives Conference 2017. Unlike large resorts and hotel chains, guesthouses often have limited budgets for international marketing and trade shows. However, there is growing support for guesthouses to work together with the government to promote this market overseas.

The Onestop display at the conference showcased four different room styles, including loose furniture and accessories. During the event, guests were able to view the actual furniture and even test it out. We are currently working on an outdoor range of furniture that will be launched towards the end of 2018.


What makes your products stand out from the rest of the competition?

We are consultants with well-versed backgrounds in design and engineering. We have our client’s best interests at heart, and with everything we have learned over the years, we’ll guide our clients through each stage of a project, from idea to design and engineering to the finished product. Our technically qualified staff will help translate an idea into a workable vision that fits perfectly into any development’s needs.


What makes your company unique?

Instead of the typical assembly-line process adopted by other hotel furniture manufacturers, our projects are underpinned by our unique blend of Chinese high-tech machine-centric production and traditional Indonesian craft techniques. Our strengths come from a combination of skills and expertise rooted in various manufacturing techniques – both modern and traditional. Most importantly, we employ a close collaborative process to ensure every project’s success.


For queries, call +65 6743 3665 or email

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Introducing our new Interior Fitout Services

Onestop is happy to announce a new addition to our services. We want to help our clients to get their interior fitout done as smoothly as possible.

onestop interior fitout - grand hyatt

While we had previously focused mainly on custom made furniture for loose fittings, we’re now including complete interior fitout so we can be your Onestop provider of hospitality and f&b interior design.


What makes Onestop Interior Fitout Services Different?

When working on your project, we’ll bring our own team of on-site carpenters, installers, and even on-site workshops. This enables us to completely customise the space according to your design. We completely handle every aspect of the interior fitout. This includes material sourcing, preparation, installation, and finishing before handover – a complete one-stop solution.

custom resort furniture interior fitout - singapore

Natural bamboo polycarbonate ceiling

Some of our specialities include feature walls, roofs / shades, built-in receptions, lobby counters, sculptures, bespoke lighting, and artwork.

With our own factories in China, Indonesia, and Malaysia, we also have experts in working with a wide variety of different materials. Some of which are wood, plywood, stone, metal, and exotic finishes such as coral and leather.


How We Work

hotel furniture australia - onestop interior fitout

When taking on a new interior fitout project, materials are first prepared at our main factories in our manufacturing bases. Next, we’ll transport our workers to construct lodging, warehouses, and workshops at the site before work begins.

Once this is ready, materials are shipped to the location, followed by the carpenter team to complete the projects within the given timeline.


Redefining Interior Design

Every space that we work with has its own unique characteristics and potentials. Whether it’s a cozy café or expansive resort, we focus on maximising the design possibilities of every project that we undertake. We take into account things like high ceilings, or assymetrical layouts, to find the interesting dynamic that makes your space stand out.

interior fitout custom hospitality furniture

Grand Hyatt Bali: Garden Cafe

Combining space planning with maximum client support and professional workmanship, we aim to make every individual project a unique work of art.


Our Hospitality and F&B Interior Fitout Process

We make use of key design principles combined with state of the art visualisation software to reimagine your space according to a theme or idea that you may have in mind.

custom hospitality furniture manufacturer - maldives, fiji, vanuatu, australia, philippines

With decades of industry experience working with hospitality and F&B interiors around the world, our team is dedicated to delivery exceptional results every time.

custom resort furniture supplier maldives, fiji, vanuatu, philippines, australia

We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service and work ethic as we help you transform your visions into reality.

We work within your Schedule

With many years working together with clients in the hospitality and F&B industry, we understand the need for getting things done on time. In a fast-paced industry like hospitality and F&B furniture, urgent requests and tight deadlines are the norm.

This is why we create carefully managed schedules for each of our hotel or F&B furniture projects to ensure that each specific task is completed according to schedule.

Interested in knowing more about our interior fitout services? Check out our portfolio here or get in touch with us to discuss your project.

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4 Must Have Resort Furniture Types to look out For in 2019

Here at Onestop, we love thinking of new and unique ways to make your hotel and resort stand out from the rest. One of our favourite things is getting away from the more standard items, and focusing on resort furniture pieces that help set a mood or atmosphere for your property, and even create a memorable experience for your guests.


outdoor cabana - resort custom furniture

The cabana with daybed is an attractive addition to your Presidential Suites or Premium category rooms. This resort furniture is made of solid wood, completed with outdoor cushions and outdoor fabrics, and is typically installed by private pools. These elegant furniture pieces are usually used in tropical climate resorts in areas such as the Philippines, Maldives, Fiji, and others.

outdoor cabana - resort custom furniture 2019

This outdoor gazebo is a fun and comfortable area for your guests to lounge about while enjoying the sea breeze. Combining durable materials and comfortable seating, the gazebo provides shelter, as well as an excellent place to relax during the day.



center tables for resorts in Maldives

This unique wooden accent table is made of solid wood and makes an excellent choice for displaying food or at a buffet. Suitable as a centerpiece or corner item, this wooden piece is both useful and beautiful to look at. If you’re looking for an unusual table design, this is one that is both rustic and contemporary.

center resort tables


3. Weaved Resort Furniture

weaved furniture for resorts 2019

This relaxing weaved sofa is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Combining the natural wood patterns with modern designed cushions, the sofa sets a fun yet calm mood for guests to sit, lounge, and relax.

4. Accent Chairs

accent chair - custom resort furniture maldives

This exclusive piece is both a comfortable seat as well as a unique decorative item for your hotel, resort or café. With a sturdy base and seating area combined with striking colours, it’s the perfect addition to any room.

accent chair - custom resort furniture maldives 2019
Looking for more interesting ideas for custom furniture for your hotel or resort? Check out some of our other unique products here.

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Why More Hotels in the Philippines are using Custom Contract Furniture

Customised furniture in the Philippines is getting to be a growing trend. This includes hotel furniture in the Philippines, as well as furniture for restaurants, bars or cafes.

There are many reasons why hotels might opt for custom contract furniture, rather than off-the-shelf or ready-made furniture.

Some of the main benefits of choosing customised furniture include getting urgent projects done on time, finding a unique solution to your needs, or working together with a reliable team that can deliver according to your requirements.


Onestop Customised Hotel Furniture Philippines

hotel furnitures philippines

Choosing the right partner for fully customised furniture can be a daunting task. That’s why our custom furniture consultants focus on providing top quality service, to guide you through each step of the way.

From the initial discussion till project completion, our team is ready to provide input in design, material selection, shipping and assembly.

Affordable Shipping Rates from China to The Philippines

Onestop maintains a fully owned and managed furniture factory in Guandong, China. The factory employs over 200 craftspeople and highly-skilled artisans.

china furniture manufacturer - onestop china factory

Shipping your furniture from China is extremely cost effective due to free trade agreements between China and the Philippines. With 19% of all goods imported to the Philippines coming from China, and Philippines being part of the ASEAN Community, a number of taxes and duties are greatly diminished, and shipping costs can be close to zero. Usually, the shipper would only need to pay taxes and land charges for goods imported to the Philippines from China.


Our Custom Contract Furniture projects in the Philippines

Over the years, Onestop has provided custom furniture solutions for a range of leading hotels and resorts around the world. Some of our projects in the Philippines the prestigious I’M Hotel – the first 5-star hotel in the Poblacion district of Makati.


I’M Hotel

At I’M Hotel, Onestop assisted in providing complete furnishings for the all-day-dining restaurant. Putting food as a central gathering point for the establishment, the restaurant provides delectable cuisine in a setting for guests to indulge and interact.

custom contract furniture philippines

We worked closely together with the hotel’s owners who wanted to design the furniture themselves. With guidance and consultation, we were able to produce a finished result exactly in line with the owner’s desires.

restaurant furniture supply philippines

Due to the hotel’s pre-opening dates, we had just a few weeks to confirm work and deliver for this custom contract furniture project. Despite the short time, we were able to successfully process this urgent request and deliver the items on time.

If you have a hotel, resort, or restaurant in the Philippines, and are looking for a reliable partner for customised hotel furniture, get in touch! Drop us a message and one of our consultants will be in touch with you soon.

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4 Easy Tips To make your Teak Furniture last longer

Teak is an exceptionally durable wood and is a popular choice for hotel and resort furniture. The wood is particularly ideal for outdoor use, such as patio and garden furniture. Teak is stronger than many other hardwoods due to its natural oil finish. This helps it to withstand harsh weather conditions better than other kinds of wood, and even protects it from moisture as well as insects.

Because of its unique properties, teak is much sought after. Teak furniture is often used in tropical or coastal climates, such as in the Maldives, Philippines, Singapore and more.


Indoor and Outdoor Teak Furniture for Resorts

Teak furniture can be used for a number of uses, both indoor and outdoor. It can also come in different finishes, whether natural, oiled, sealed & varnished. Although teak is very strong and durable, it still requires care in order to last even longer.

teak furniture singapore

Milaidhoo Maldives Shoreline Dining

Of course, outdoor furniture would require a little more care than indoor teak furniture.


Caring for your Teak Furniture

There are several important steps that you can take to ensure your teak furniture lasts a long time. A little maintenance can go a long way Here are just a few tips you can follow.


1. Cleaning

Keep your teak wood clean. This can be done using a soft cloth, sponge, or brush. Keeping your teak free from a build-up of dirt is just the first step to making your teak last longer.


2. Following the Grain

teak furniture singapore grain

When cleaning, always be sure to follow the direction of the wood grain to prevent unnecessary scratching. Also avoid using rough brushes or cleaning equipment that may scratch your wood.


3. Oiling your Teak

This is not necessarily to do with maintenance, but rather in helping your wood to retain its colour. Oiling your teak is more applicable for indoor furniture. Before beginning, ensure that you have thoroughly cleaned your furniture to remove old oils. Once this is done, re-oiling can help to restore its original look.


4. Natural Colouring

Outdoor teak furniture will eventually change from a deep brown to an elegant silver-grey. On the other hand, indoor teak furniture will gradually become darker brown over a period of perhaps a year. these are natural changes which do not affect the quality or durability of your teak.

milaidhoo maldives - teak beach furniture

In summary, while teak furniture may be a very durable and long-lasting type of wood, its important to know how to care for your teak furniture properly to keep your teak looking beautiful for years to come.

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