Setting the atmosphere with the right restaurant furniture

Many of us have favourite restaurants, or ones that we think stand out among the rest. What are the things that we have taken into account when we choose restaurants? Pricing and menu may vary from one restaurant to another. But aside from just pricing and menu, another point that many say influences their decision is the atmosphere. According to studies, 75% of consumers say that the colour scheme and layout of a restaurant was a deciding factor.

One of the important things about building your restaurant atmosphere and ambiance is to create a place where your customers can feel comfortable and at home. If you are able to achieve this, you can likely keep your customers coming back again and again.

But what are some of the steps involved in restaurant ambience? Based on our experience as custom furniture manufacturers, here are a few ideas.


The First Impression Matters

As the saying goes, there’s never a second chance to make a first impression. These means also paying attention to how your restaurant looks from the outside. If you have an outdoor seating area, this will be the first thing your customers see. If not, it can be helpful to add an outdoor focal point, or something that draws attention.

outdoor seating at prive orchard singapore

Outdoor seating at Prive Orchard, Singapore


Play With Colour

Always think different. Think of your restaurant as a stage. The food of your restaurant is like your performance, and your customer is your audience.

The colour and style of your “stage” will often be the first thing that someone notices when entering your restaurant. Here you can influence people with unique types of furniture, eye-catching decor elements, and meaningful menu design.

Try to choose furniture that compliments your menu. With the shade of greens and browns, your restaurant can present healthy items. At the same time, brighter shades of red and terracotta may hint towards more spicy or flavourful cuisine. Are you going for trendy? Or minimalist? These are things to keep in mind when selecting your colour theme and style.

overseas orchard

Soft colours complement the cozy and casual atmosphere of the restaurant in OverEasy, Orchard.


When it comes to fabrics, we also have to look at more than just the colours, but even the patterns and feel of the fabrics. Floral printed or embroidered fabrics add a touch of artful beauty, while geometric patterns tend towards an off-centric or contemporary atmosphere.

Choosing the correct colours or decor items and help your guests feel like they have come to the right place when they enter your restaurant.


Take A Seat

While colours and unique design might be visually satisfying, we need to also consider comfort. Keep in mind that that wrong choice of seating may completely put customers off. Choose comfortable chairs that provide back support, where customers are able to relax for extended periods if they choose.

There are so many different seating options to choose from, including wood, fabric, metal, and much more. Whichever you choose, make sure that it is inline with the overall theme of your restaurant — but never compromise comfort and function for style.

bayswater outdoor dining

Outdoor seating at Bayswater Kitchen provides a combination of sofas and synthetic seats, providing comfortable seating in line with the restaurant’s theme.


Choosing your Lighting

Light is an essential part of setting the mood in your restaurant. In most restaurants, the owners allow natural daylight using glass windows. During evening hours, providing sufficient light is necessary for the customers so they can see their food and companions. At the same time, lights that too bright may also be unenjoyable.

As with the various points we mentioned earlier, your lighting should match the overall theme of your restaurant. There are 3 main types of lighting that every restaurant should have.

Ambient lighting sets the overall mood for the restaurant, whether its natural light or overhead lights.


Task lighting refers to a brighter light that is needed to accomplish a task. This may be the light for preparing the food in the kitchen, or light needed for guests reading a menu.

restaurant task lighting

Lastly is Accent Lighting which is for decorative or ‘drama’ purposes.

accent lighting


In closing

A last word to the wise is to pay attention to details. More often than not, it’s the little things that matter. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to building a good restaurant atmosphere. However, it’s important to recognize that guests usually go out for more than just food, but are looking for a positive experience. Creating a positive experience ensures your guests will keep coming back, and also recommend your restaurant to others.

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5 Steps to Protecting your Furniture from the Environment

outdoor furniture

Your furniture and interior decor are one of the most important parts of your hotel or resort. Some may also consider it to be among the most crucial purchasing decisions for your hotel.

One of the first steps to ensuring your furniture lasts a long time is to select the right materials depending on what your furniture is being used for. For example, full fabric-upholstered sofas would probably not be suitable for outdoors.

Once you have selected the right hotel furniture, the next step is caring for it properly. With the time and cost that goes into ordering custom hotel furniture, you definitely want to make sure that it lasts a long time as well.

Properly caring for furniture for resorts can enhance usability, and also help your furniture look better and last longer.

One of the primary causes for wear and tear of your furniture is the climate. This could be sun, rain, salinity, and much more. With this in mind, here are some of the primary causes of environmental damage and what you can do to prevent it.



This is probably the first element that is likely to cause your furniture to crack or expand. When humidity levels are too high, furniture may expand. On the other hand, if the levels are too low, your hotel furniture may shrink and crack.


Outdoor furniture at Constance Halaveli Maldives

Proper planning beforehand is the first step to preventing this. Certain production techniques and joint methods are able to prevent and counter the effects of movements that can cause warping and cracks.

furniture joints

The next step is to ensure all the rooms are well ventilated. Always ensure there is a constant flow of air for areas that are subjected to moisture, such as near toilets and kitchens. Another tip is to keep your furniture away from air heating systems, as these can have an adverse effect on your furniture. Air-conditioned areas are usually okay.


Air Pollutants

hotel air purifier

Air purifier at Sheraton Hotel

For the majority of metropolitan areas, there is a strong chance of air pollutants that can affect your furniture’s surface. To keep your furniture safe, you might consider installing air purifiers throughout some areas of your hotel.



One of the simplest ways to protect your furniture from fading is to keep it out of direct sunlight. However, this may not always be possible. For Maldivian resort furniture, or other resort furniture in tropical or islands climates, there will always be some furniture in the sun.


indoor furniture

Indoor Furniture at Centara Grand Island Beach Suite


Outdoor Grade Acrylic Fabric

This may be your swimming pool lounge furniture, garden furniture, or beach furniture. In this case, it’s important to ensure that any selected textiles are suitable for outdoors, and also have UV protection to prevent the breakdown of the fibers. This will help it look better and last longer.


Pest Control:

If your hotel or resort is located in a tropical or humid climate, your furniture may be at risk of pests. In this case, there are two main things that you can do to prevent it.

pest control2

The first is to ensure that your furniture comes from a manufacturer who understands how to carry out the proper treatment on wood. This will destroy insect eggs that may be present in the wood, and may take months to incubate and hatch within the furniture.


Next, is to make sure that your furniture is kept clean and dry, as moisture tends to attract insects. This reduces that chance of pests destroying your furniture. Another option is to apply chemical sprays to protect your furniture and decor from bugs, termites, rats, and other pests.



Last but not least, is dust. This is one of the primary causes of furniture damage. Dust can scratch your furniture’s surface, or attract moisture which can weaken the finish. The most important way to protect your furniture from dust is to clean it regularly. When cleaning wooden furniture, we recommend using a soft cotton cloth to avoid any scratching. It may also be necessary to schedule a quarterly cleaning to remove any build-up of grime. For upholstered furniture, a weekly vacuuming can help to prevent dust damage.


Those are just a few tips on how to protect furniture for resorts from the environment. By following these simple steps, hopefully you can prevent environmental damage, and lengthen the lifespan of your furniture.

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Improving Customer Experience: It’s more than just design

There are a number of factors that can make or break a business. The hospitality industry is one such business where the customer holds this ultimate power. The customer is your brand ambassador. No doubt, hanging beautiful paintings on the walls of your hotel lobby or using luxurious carpets and unique resort furniture can create a great impression. However, what defines your business is the experience and memories your customer takes with him while leaving the hotel.

In this fast paced industry, keeping up with latest trends and designs is very important. However, here are a few other ways that hotels and resorts can improve customer experience.


Include Kiosks and floor plans

hotel kiosk in custom furniture

Self check-in system at 9Tree Hotel in Seoul, Korea

Help customers help themselves! Navigating through hotel lobbies can sometimes be difficult and frustrating, especially if your guest list includes senior citizens. Place kiosks with floor plans that are easy to understand and do not need to be explained by a third person.


Digital presence

hotel website

Customers prefer doing their own research before selecting the hotel they want to stay in during their vacation or business trips. Creating a dynamic website to market your hotel can go a long way in attracting customers. Make sure to include high-definition photos of the hotel and clear contact information just in case a customer has questions that are not answered on the website.


Listen to feedback – customer and staff

listen to customer feedback

Turning feedback into opportunities to grow is very important. Conducting surveys is not the only way of gathering feedback. Actively listening to your customers can help with hints regarding what your hotel is doing best or what may need to be changed. Feedback should come not only from the customers, but also your hotel staff. The hotel staff are the very people who interact with customers on a daily basis. Feedback from staff can provide valuable insight that you may not have thought of.


Hospitality employees

hotel staff are your greatest asset

Hospitality employees are the hosts in your hotel. Friendly, helpful staff who exceed the expectations of hospitality are vital in ensuring that your guests keep coming back. Customers may forget the paraphernalia that adorns your hotel but they will definitely not forget how they were treated during their stay.


Share data

share data

Certain data needs to be withheld from the hotel staff for the sake of running a smooth business. However, the hotel management should use their prudence and share the data that can help the business flourish. For example, unusual requests or complaints from customers and how they were handled could be shared with hotel staff, as it may be helpful for them to understand how to best handle similar situations in the future.


Onestop is a leading provider of custom made resort furniture and interior fit-out. For further information about our services, feel free to contact us here.

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9 Design Tips for Small Hotel Rooms

small hotels rooms - custom furniture design

Arlo Hotel in New York, USA.

There were times when lodges providing bed and breakfast were high in business. However, with changing times the requirements of the average traveller has also changed. People do not always need meals to be provided. They may look for smaller hotels to meet the needs of a good night’s sleep and a good shower to take on the rest of the day.

Modern day hotels strive to make the most out of little spaces, offering a cosy and comfortable stay to their patrons. Here are 9 interesting design tips for small hotel rooms:


1. Hang ’em

tribute hotel hk

Wall-mounted desk at Tribute Hotel, Hong Kong.

When the space is small, every square inch of floor space counts. Using wall mounted cabinets and side tables give the room a feeling of having more space than there actually is. Re

placing the traditional floor lamps with hanging pendant lamps is gaining widespread popularity.


2. Convertible furniture

Multi-functional furniture is the new rage in the furniture industry. From wall mounted tables that can be folded to reveal a full-length mirror, or beds that can double up as couches; these convertible furniture pieces are a huge hit when it comes to saving spaces.


3. Sliding doors

santa grand Hotel design

Sliding balcony doors at Santa Grand Hotel in Bugis, Singapore.

The conventional doors that open in and out definitely occupy more space than you would like. Replace these doors with sliding doors, be it for the entrance to the ensuite bathroom or even the wardrobes. Sliding doors are the answer to saving the space you never noticed was being used.


4. Divide using furniture

Dividing the room to look like the living area, the dining area or the study room using furniture like bookshelves is a great idea. It not just allows you to differentiate between the areas; it is also a wise use of furniture thus cutting down the space used by walls. If privacy is a concern, curtains may be used as well.


5. Strategic Positioning

complete hotel interior fit-out services

An example of strategic furniture positioning at Hunstanton Bed & Breakfast, UK.

Sometimes dividing the room is not possible. In such times strategic positioning of the furniture can go a long way. For example, place the study table just behind the couch instead of pushing it against a wall. Or place the couch right in front of the bed. So when your visitor is watching TV sitting on the couch, he does not have the view of the bed. This creates a psychological delusion of being in a different space even though practically the bed is right behind him.


6. Seize the corners

tiny reading corner at motto hotel by hilton

Tiny reading corner at Motto Hotel by Hilton.

Most of the times the corners are not really used. Instead of placing a plant or decoration in the corner of the room, try converting it into a reading corner. Place a soft chair, throw in a couple of pillows, a cosy rug and a side table with storage for books. The most awkward corners of the room will look inviting.


7. Hanging closets

hanging space

A simple hanging space at Alex Hotel in Perth, Australia.

When talking of small hotel rooms, walk-in closets are practically impossible to have. Hanging closets can help in saving space instead of the classic wardrobes. These hanging closets are supported by a rail that is affixed to the wall.


8. Use mirrors

mirrors in hotel rooms

Strategically placed mirrors can make a small hotel room appear larger.

Placing mirrors at places from where they can reflect light makes the room appear bigger than they actually are. Not only do mirrors add to the aesthetic sense of the space, they are also useful for patrons especially if the hotel decides to skip the wardrobe for hanging closets.


9. Windows

tribe hotel perth big windows

Full wall window at Tribe Hotel in Perth, Australia.

Windows are an integral part of any room. Clear, full height windows that allow more light are helpful in making any space appear bigger and more welcoming.


These are just a few tips that can help make smaller spaces of your hotel more accommodating for your guests. Have a question about design for your hotel? Onestop is a leading provider of interior fit-out services for hotels, resorts, and restaurants around the world. Get in touch with our team today.

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How to Select and Care for Metal Furniture

The fast changing world has seen many different types of materials used in furniture and furnishings. However, metal furniture has never gone out of fashion. Aluminium, steel and wrought iron are among the common types of metal used in furniture making. The durability of these metals is the main attraction among the patrons.

metal furniture - black swan, singapore

Metal furniture can create a unique and rustic look. Adding some cushions or upholstery can change the look and feel of metal furniture and also add to the aesthetics of the surroundings.

When selecting your metal furniture, there are certain points to be considered to ensure you have the right pieces for your requirements.


Choosing the Right Types of Metal for your Needs

There are many different types of metal to consider when selecting metal furniture. These include aluminium, mild steel, or stainless steel. Each of these is suitable for different areas and uses. For example, Aluminium is durable as well as light weight. It can be used both indoors or outdoors. Mild steel is a cost effective option, and tends to be heavy. This is better used for indoors. Another alternative is Stainless Steel, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. This is heavier than mild steel, and tends to be more expensive. There are various grades of stainless steel to choose from, which are suitable for various climates or uses.


1. Consider the weight of the furniture.

metal furniture for outdoor use

Light-weight furniture indicates that the metal used is thin. These lightweight furniture pieces may not withstand a windy day if placed outdoors. In this case, weights may be inserted into the furniture to make it more sturdy. This is usually found in the form of iron rods or iron tubes. For indoor furniture that you plan to rearrange or move fairly often, lightweight may be just the type that you are looking for.


2. Furniture fastenings.

metal furniture fastenings - outdoors

When investing in metal furniture, take a look at the method used to join the metal pieces together. Riveting, welding, or bolting. are the common methods. Welding is considered as one of the best ways to join together the metal pieces. Here at Onestop, all of our metal furniture is fastened using the welding method to ensure strength and durability over time.

custom metal hotel furniture supplier

For certain types of furniture, we may opt to use screws. This includes furniture that needs to be disassembled during shipping. We will also uses screws for parts of furniture that may need to be reupholstered, such as seats. We will also ensure that screws are countersunk to prevent catching in clothes.


3. Sturdiness is an important factor to look for when buying metal furniture.

You definitely do not want your guests toppling over from their chairs or placing their wine glasses on shaky tables. For metal chairs that have upholstered cushions, it’s a good idea to have seats that can be removed and reupholstered. If the seat is welded in place, you may not have the option of reupholstering. Also be sure that the legs of your metal furniture have plastic or rubber tips. This will prevent your floor or carpet from catching rust stains. We also use metal capping to prevent the colour from being scratched off, as many tropical resorts in the Maldives, Fiji, or Australia, may choose to place their furniture pieces on the sand.


How to care for your Metal furniture

1. Choose the right covers.

outdoor furniture cover

Image Source

When not in use, metal furniture can be covered using protective covers. These covers are easily available on online shopping portals. It is best to avoid using old plastic sheets or tablecloths to cover metal furniture, as these tend to trap humidity and water, thus causing damage to the metal finish.


2. Cleaning your metal furniture.

Most metal furniture is powder coated to prevent rusting. For metal that is painted or spray painted, we may galvanise the metal or add a layer of anti-rust primer. Stainless steel is the best choice of metal for furniture that will be exposed to the elements.

cleaning metal furniture

Metal furniture is best cleaned with water. Mild soaps can also be used along with a cloth or sponge, but be sure to wipe dry after cleaning. Before using any household cleaning products, always read the instructions, and be sure not to use products that contain acid.


3. Maintaining your finish.

If you notice slight wear and tear on the metal finishing, it is highly recommended not to ignore it. Ignoring the little chipping off, of the metal can cause greater damage than you anticipate.

rusty table

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Tips for Creating a Fantastic Hotel Lobby Experience

hotel lobby experience

Creating a fantastic lobby experience is an essential factor when it comes to the hotel industry. The only place that everybody in the hotel sees and goes through every single day is the lobby. This is why for us, as suppliers of custom furniture and interior fit-out services, the first thing that comes to mind is how to make this experience marvelous.

When choosing a hotel, the lobby is the prime factor that helps guests decide whether they want to stay there or not. The reason this is so important, is that a lobby is the front page of a hotel. Every hotel lobby has its own unsaid story to tell. Let’s talk about 5 ways to make your hotel’s lobby experience worthwhile and memorable.


Bringing in technology

From using simple digital signs to creating a wall full of screens, sometimes using technology for decoration or to simply convey information can take the customer experience up a few notches.

technology in hotel design

Some ideas are:

  • With the ever-growing involvement of technology in our lives, using screens to decorate empty spaces is a trending idea. These screens could be showing useful data like weather stats, news headlines, jokes, maps, and more!
  • Having kiosks can elevate the efficiency of a hotel when it comes to services. Important things like checking-in, maps, cab bookings and accessing hotel information can be made easy using kiosks, thus saving a lot of time.
  • Using multiple screens in different shapes to display a single piece of art as a single canvas can be really stunning to a lot of customers as it is something different from the traditional way of showing art on a single box shaped screen.
  • Free Wi-Fi is a standard benchmark for many hotels nowadays as it is an essential for today’s generation.


Accessibility to certain amenities

A hotel lobby should feel like a really cosy living room in someone’s home. This is why the idea of having things like a café, a retail store, a cab-booking service, or even library really come in handy.

homey hotel lobby australia

Library in the Lobby at Harbour Rocks Hotel in Sydney, Australia

Hotels that provide such facilities always have an advantage over their competitors. Louise DuPont, partner at Montreal-based Lemay Michaud Design and Architecture who shares the same view about hotel lobbies says “I would say that hotel lobbies are [moving] more towards taking advantage of this big space.”


Living up to the brand heritage

The last thing every hotel would want is to lose focus on its history and heritage. While working on modernisation of the design, feel and technology, it should still pay homage to its heritage by also focusing on historic features and detailing of the designs.

raffles hotel lobby singapore

Heritage meets luxury design in Raffles Hotel Singapore

One example of this is the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. It is one of the most beautiful luxury hotels in the world that displays a marvellous mixture of civilization, modernization and culture.


Creating a warm and welcoming feeling

Yes, the design and furniture are really important aspects when it comes to giving guests a sense of warmth and welcome, but hotel personnel are equally important. Greeting guests warmly, asking questions about their impression of the hotel, or striking up conversations can go a long way!

Courtesy and friendliness are talents that not only should be valued but rewarded too. Till very recently, reception and lobby personnel were underpaid. However, hotels and companies have started to realize the importance and impact that reception staff have on brand goodwill and reputation.


Furniture and space

Previously, lobbies were considered waiting areas for guests to sit while they waited for someone or something. This isn’t the case anymore. Lobbies are now spaces where people socialize with each other, sit with a coffee and do their work for hours.

manila hotel lobby

A comfortable place to relax at The Peninsula Hotel in Manila, Philippines

Given the fact that it’s more of a social hub now, a lobby should be spacious and comfortable. Not just tea tables or one centre table, but there should be multiple tables that can accommodate one, two or even five. The chairs should be comfortable enough for the guests to sit for hours without any inconvenience. The more a lobby is packed, the busier and happening the hotel appears, thus attracting new guests. The lighting should be proper and the ambience shouldn’t be congested. One great idea is to break the lobby into various seating zones, so that the guests have various options, rather than having to sit at the same place every time.

Lately, many hotels have recognized the potential of a good lobby and are racing towards making the experience worthwhile. We’re excited to see what 2019 holds for the hotel industry. Till then, we’ll be here helping our clients be their best when it comes to interior fitout and custom furniture.

Have a question about refreshing your hotel lobby experience? Drop us a message here to get started.

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Nusa Collection: A new Range in Luxury Island Furniture

nusa furniture range

Furniture and furnishings have been a part of civilization ever since the beginning of time. The cave men made use of naturally available materials like rocks and stones to make his shoddy furniture. As the times have evolved, so has man’s choice of furniture. We look for high class furniture that not only is in union with the aesthetics of the surroundings, we also want them to be durable and long lasting.

Starting in 2019, Onestop is putting together an annual in-house catalogue of unique products that we offer.

Introducing Nusa Collection Outdoor Range

Our new Nusa Collection brings together an assortment of island inspired furniture pieces, specially constructed by our craftsmen in Indonesia. This range offers coffee tables, dining tables, sofas, sun beds. Each of these is carefully designed to create an oasis of tranquil island living anywhere in the world.

1 - custom synthetic wicker furniture

The materials offered in the Nusa Collection include solid teak, synthetic wicker, and a variety of outdoor fabrics. As a native to tropical climate, teak is resistant to sea spray and environmental challenges. Teak is not only durable; it also has tactile dimensional qualities.

Fibres and fabrics are important in order to give the furniture a classy look and add the upholstery when required. Synthetic wicker and different kinds of fabrics provide a sophisticated surface that is both water resistant and lightweight. These qualities allow these materials to be cleaned without fearing fading off of the colours.

Here is a quick look at what you can expect from our Nusa Collection.



gili - synthetic wicker tables

The Gili series is wicker-centric, offering dining tables, coffee tables and corner tables in square or round dimensions. Each of these is constructed with teak wood in oiled finishing, topped with synthetic wicker weaving. We also offer optional tempered glass to be placed on top of the tables.



damar - custom tables for hotels

The Damar series will remind you of well used boardwalks. This series has table tops that feature plank arrangements with subtle rectangular notches. In the Damar series you will find corner tables, rectangular or square coffee tables, and square or round dining tables.



nanipa custom sofa for hotels and resorts

The Nanipa series features unique trapezoidal frames with upholstered seats and back cushions. The materials used for these cushions are either normal or quick dry foam, featured in deep blue or sand white. The Nanipa series also includes sun beds with or without armrests and easily removable side trays.



kiffa garden furniture for resorts

Constructed based on natural hues and designs, the Kiffa series pairs perfectly with the Damar range. Kiffa offers foldable chairs that are easy to carry. These chairs are built with all natural teak, available with a wicker backrest.



outdoor furniture for resorts and hotels

This classic and sophisticated design adds the perfect classy look to any outdoor dinner. The chairs are designed with comfortable wicker seats and backrests, combined with subtly tapered legs for a sturdy yet elegant structure.

For further information about our Nusa Collection Outdoor Range, download our brochure here. For customised interiors using Nusa’s wide range of furniture, speak to us today to explore the countless possibilities.

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A Look behind the Scenes at Onestop

Getting your perfect custom made furniture is a process that requires several different steps. Today, we will talk about the entire process – from an idea all the way to after sales service. Our factories in China, Indonesia, and Malaysia have a team of more than 300 people. These consist of highly-skilled artisans, craftspeople, drafters, weaving experts who work as a team and are ready to support at a moment’s notice should any need arise. In this article we focus on what happens behind the scenes with an item inside our factories.

custom furniture factories


Design and discuss.

We understand what a customer needs and wants before making a detailed blueprint on what and how to create the item. Our seasoned drafters draw technical shop drawings according to your requirements. We also involve the customer in every step we make so that there is minimal confusion and maximum clarity in the process. With over 80 men in operation, our craftspeople not only specialize in both natural and synthetic fibresand, but are able to produce extremely intricate patterns & structures.


Sourcing of materials.

sourcing materials

Once the blueprint is made, we choose the materials that are to be used. The raw materials are cut and prepared before being sent to the assembling area. There, unfinished wooden planks are rolled, sanded, and processed using a variety of machines. Efficient trimming and high-quality cutting helps ensure superior quality of every piece of furniture. As custom furniture manufacturers, be it stone, glass, resin, wood or even plastic, we make sure we give it our best to make exactly what you want at the best price.

indonesia furntiure manufacturer

The main production material in our Indonesia Furniture Factory is Teak, and to add to that, Indonesian carpenters are known for their exquisite woodworking skills.

indonesia furniture manufacturer2


Prototyping & Mock-ups.

We produce mock-ups of your furniture designs for your approval before we begin bulk production.



furniture production

We are a custom hotel furniture supplier that ensures the quality of every single piece of furniture we make. To ensure maximum efficiency, our factory is divided into multiple separate areas for different steps of the manufacturing process:


Cutting and material preparation.

cutting and material preparation

This steps involves machines such as automatic CNC routing machines, automatic planers, automatic band saws, automatic plywood saw cutting machines, hydraulic veneer presses, and various wood veneer processing machines – veneer stitching machines and veneer edge banding machines.


Assembling area.

furniture assembling

The processed materials and parts are now sent to the next stage of the supply chain for gluing and assembling.



furniture finishing

Each piece of furniture will move through the sanding room, the spray painting area, and the water curtain spray chambers.


UV coating.

uv coating

A UV coating is applied which increases the durability of the furniture through increased hardness and solvent resistance.




Our extensive upholstery and sewing capabilities including a range of quality fabrics and plastic foam. Being a custom hotel furniture manufacturer, we can handle different types of sewing and upholstery jobs, including special-cut orders as we have a highly-skilled team and an efficient production space.


Quality checking area.

quality checking2

Each of our products requires the highest standards of quality. We even conduct visual inspections to avoid defects, discolorations, scratches, or any other imperfections. This step is really important to ensure that each product is delivered according to your standards and requirements.


Storage and logistics.

storage and logistics2

We understand the hassle of keeping a track of products from multiple sources, which is why we act as the consolidation point for storage and shipping, be it to anywhere in the world. Each product is carefully packed by skilled personnel before being sent for delivery.


After-sales service

after sales service

One of the greatest strengths a business has is good after-sales service. After everything is set up, we visit your site to personally ensure everything is to your satisfaction, we also provide a one-year warranty on everything we manufacture. Lastly, we like to keep in touch with every client to build a long-lasting relationship.

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Top 3 Australian Resort Design Trends in 2019

It’s 2019, and hotels are no longer just a place to sleep for the night. Instead, hotels are lively and festive places where people connect. As designers, we focus on the design trends we expect to see at hotels in Australia this year.

Since The Hilton Sydney opened in 1974, the hotel industry in Australia has been rising and booming ever since. Hotels in Australia faced unexpected lows in the 2000’s. This is one reason hotel chains and properties are working hard to be different from their competitors. Let’s take a look at certain areas where we could see change, in 2019.


1. Colour

In 2018, we experienced a trend towards neutralized colours. Pale tints and soft shades like washed out pink, blue, cool grey and white were prevalent. We also saw a rising trend in colours like rose gold and silver. However, in 2019, the director of design at HVS design, Christine Shanahan, says that hotels can be seen moving away from using pale colours and going towards washing a room with bold and natural colours.

felix hotel, custom furniture sydney

Felix Hotel, Sydney


The reason behind, is that people having seen neutralized colours for a while. Now, they have started to enjoy bright and welcoming colours once again. Not only does it provide a natural feel, but also creates energy in the room. When looking at custom furniture in Sydney, we can see this factor becoming prevalent in furnishings and single walls.

Hobart's Macq01 -hotel furniture suppliers australia

Hobart’s Macq01 Hotel, Tasmania


Green is likely to be everywhere in 2019. According to Darren Palmer, one of Australia’s most renowned and influential interior designers, interior trends for 2019 are all about getting back to nature. He also said that he notices Coral colours everywhere in Calile, Brisbane in Fortitude Valley. The colour ‘Living Coral’ is an “animating and life-affirming shade of orange with a golden undertone” says Darren.

calile hotel brisbane - hotel furniture suppliers australia

Calile Hotel, Brisbane


2. Experience

Speaking of inspiration from nature, be ready to see more natural elements in hotel lobbies and rooms like hanging plants, creepers, living walls, etc. Such practices don’t affect the quality or wellness of the structure or room which is why they are welcome.

2 bedroom villa, custom furniture australia

A Balcony amidst the trees at the 2 bedroom villa in Pepper Noosa Resort


“People want greenery back as they need the warmth of something natural and alive” says Christine Shanahan,  director of design at HVS Design. A lot of prestigious hotels are now focused on providing people an experience that connects them with nature’s elements.

One example is Peppers Noosa Resort in Queensland. This quiet retreat is set in the middle of the rainforest of Noosa National Park, providing magnificent sea views and eco-friendly accommodations.

peppers noosa resort, queensland

Bird’s Eye view of Peppers Noosa Resort in Queensland, Australia



3. Furnishing

When it comes to furnishing, velvet and other rich materials will be seen more and move. These tend to create a feeling of warmth and comfort during colder seasons. Instead of using modern furniture, we see a lot of hotels moving towards traditional antique-style furniture.

Hotels are now more inclined towards focusing on their heritage and history through their designs, be it furniture, walls, paintings or even service. Through the years, studies have shown that travellers prefer valuable experiences instead of tangible objects. They seek the comfort they get at home, which is why it is important to make the hotel rooms and public areas feel more homely and residential. One example is the QT Resort’s colourful custom furniture in Sydney.

qt hotel - custom furniture sydney

QT Hotel & Resort in Sydney, Australia


In order to contribute to the hotel heritage, a lot of hotels in Australia are now inclined towards custom built furniture instead of ready-made furniture. Darren Palmer also addresses the fact that the demand for custom hotel furniture suppliers in Australia will continue to rise in 2019 as more and more hotels and resorts want their furniture to also reflect a lifestyle.

Be ready to see a change in sitting arrangements too, as we have seen a rising trend of using indoor furniture for outdoor purposes. It does make sense given the warm climate of Australia, but in 2019, this trend is expected to grow. We also have seen the rise in the usage of pod-like areas.

These areas are generally used by people who prefer a bit of privacy in public places like the lobby, restaurants, and outdoor gardens. As custom hotel furniture suppliers in Australia, we also expect to see a lot of changes in the design of furniture this year.

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5 Interesting uses of Glass, Ceramic & Resin for your Resort

Glass is not believed to be a man-made product. Scientists claim that Mother Nature creates glass as well. Glass is formed when a molten material cools so rapidly that there is not enough time for a crystalline structure to form. For example, if lava from a volcano cools down rapidly a glass like rock is formed called obsidian. A wide variety of styles and uses makes glass decor a popular choice for many hotels and resorts.

Glass is made up of materials like sand, soda, ash and limestone. This makes glass completely recyclable. Recycled glass not only saves resources, it also is beneficial to the manufacturers as this recycled glass can substitute for 95% of raw materials.

recycled glass furniture

Resin is a solid, highly viscous substance of either plant or synthetic origin. Natural resin is secreted by plants and is used to manufacture various products. Resin furniture is made from synthetic resins. Synthetic resins behave like the natural ones, and also share some common properties. Therefore, consumers concerned about the environment may find this class of furniture a suitable alternative.

synthetic resins for furniture

Resin furniture is often used together with wood to make unique and creative designs. When you shop for patio pieces you can find everything from tables and chairs to gliders and swings. These types of furniture come in a variety of colours, sizes, and design styles.

Read on to know about a few interesting uses of glass and resins for your hotel or resort furniture.


1. Mosaics

mozaic art for resorts


For a stunning touch to your interior design, we can use glass or ceramic pieces to create an intricate mosaic that will catch the eye of your guests. These mosaics are set in stone or wood and can be used as a feature wall, flooring, or even a luxury table top.


2. Stained glass

stained glass2


The colour of glass can be changed by simply adding metallic salts during the manufacturing process. For example, adding Chromium gives the glass a deep green colour. This stained glass effect is often used in windows, creating colourful patterns when the light shines through.


stained glass


3. Resin-Filled Wooden Table Tops

resin tables

Resin Wood coffee tables are a beautiful and unique way to add some colour to your wooden designs. These highly sought after pieces are created by casting clear or coloured resin into your wooden table top. This effect can transform a seemingly normal table top into a one of a kind centerpiece for your interior.


4. Feature centerpieces

ceramic feature centerpieces

Add the finishing touch to your decor with a custom designed feature piece. We’ll work together with you to to design the perfect creative and beautiful piece that will enhance the aesthetics of your interior and add that dash of style.


5. Resin panels

resin panels for resorts

Resin panels are environmental friendly and fashionable. They are fireproof and water resistant. Since resin panels are translucent; they can be used as screen walls in hotel lobbies, as wardrobe doors, and more.

resin hotel lobby

Due to the excellent resistance to heat, high adhesive strength and resistance to chemicals, resin is gaining widespread popularity in the furniture industry.

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