How to Select and Care for Metal Furniture

The fast changing world has seen many different types of materials used in furniture and furnishings. However, metal furniture has never gone out of fashion. Aluminium, steel and wrought iron are among the common types of metal used in furniture making. The durability of these metals is the main attraction among the patrons.

metal furniture - black swan, singapore

Metal furniture can create a unique and rustic look. Adding some cushions or upholstery can change the look and feel of metal furniture and also add to the aesthetics of the surroundings.

When selecting your metal furniture, there are certain points to be considered to ensure you have the right pieces for your requirements.


Choosing the Right Types of Metal for your Needs

There are many different types of metal to consider when selecting metal furniture. These include aluminium, mild steel, or stainless steel. Each of these is suitable for different areas and uses. For example, Aluminium is durable as well as light weight. It can be used both indoors or outdoors. Mild steel is a cost effective option, and tends to be heavy. This is better used for indoors. Another alternative is Stainless Steel, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. This is heavier than mild steel, and tends to be more expensive. There are various grades of stainless steel to choose from, which are suitable for various climates or uses.


1. Consider the weight of the furniture.

metal furniture for outdoor use

Light-weight furniture indicates that the metal used is thin. These lightweight furniture pieces may not withstand a windy day if placed outdoors. In this case, weights may be inserted into the furniture to make it more sturdy. This is usually found in the form of iron rods or iron tubes. For indoor furniture that you plan to rearrange or move fairly often, lightweight may be just the type that you are looking for.


2. Furniture fastenings.

metal furniture fastenings - outdoors

When investing in metal furniture, take a look at the method used to join the metal pieces together. Riveting, welding, or bolting. are the common methods. Welding is considered as one of the best ways to join together the metal pieces. Here at Onestop, all of our metal furniture is fastened using the welding method to ensure strength and durability over time.

custom metal hotel furniture supplier

For certain types of furniture, we may opt to use screws. This includes furniture that needs to be disassembled during shipping. We will also uses screws for parts of furniture that may need to be reupholstered, such as seats. We will also ensure that screws are countersunk to prevent catching in clothes.


3. Sturdiness is an important factor to look for when buying metal furniture.

You definitely do not want your guests toppling over from their chairs or placing their wine glasses on shaky tables. For metal chairs that have upholstered cushions, it’s a good idea to have seats that can be removed and reupholstered. If the seat is welded in place, you may not have the option of reupholstering. Also be sure that the legs of your metal furniture have plastic or rubber tips. This will prevent your floor or carpet from catching rust stains. We also use metal capping to prevent the colour from being scratched off, as many tropical resorts in the Maldives, Fiji, or Australia, may choose to place their furniture pieces on the sand.


How to care for your Metal furniture

1. Choose the right covers.

outdoor furniture cover

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When not in use, metal furniture can be covered using protective covers. These covers are easily available on online shopping portals. It is best to avoid using old plastic sheets or tablecloths to cover metal furniture, as these tend to trap humidity and water, thus causing damage to the metal finish.


2. Cleaning your metal furniture.

Most metal furniture is powder coated to prevent rusting. For metal that is painted or spray painted, we may galvanise the metal or add a layer of anti-rust primer. Stainless steel is the best choice of metal for furniture that will be exposed to the elements.

cleaning metal furniture

Metal furniture is best cleaned with water. Mild soaps can also be used along with a cloth or sponge, but be sure to wipe dry after cleaning. Before using any household cleaning products, always read the instructions, and be sure not to use products that contain acid.


3. Maintaining your finish.

If you notice slight wear and tear on the metal finishing, it is highly recommended not to ignore it. Ignoring the little chipping off, of the metal can cause greater damage than you anticipate.

rusty table

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A Look behind the Scenes at Onestop

Getting your perfect custom made furniture is a process that requires several different steps. Today, we will talk about the entire process – from an idea all the way to after sales service. Our factories in China, Indonesia, and Malaysia have a team of more than 300 people. These consist of highly-skilled artisans, craftspeople, drafters, weaving experts who work as a team and are ready to support at a moment’s notice should any need arise. In this article we focus on what happens behind the scenes with an item inside our factories.

custom furniture factories


Design and discuss.

We understand what a customer needs and wants before making a detailed blueprint on what and how to create the item. Our seasoned drafters draw technical shop drawings according to your requirements. We also involve the customer in every step we make so that there is minimal confusion and maximum clarity in the process. With over 80 men in operation, our craftspeople not only specialize in both natural and synthetic fibresand, but are able to produce extremely intricate patterns & structures.


Sourcing of materials.

sourcing materials

Once the blueprint is made, we choose the materials that are to be used. The raw materials are cut and prepared before being sent to the assembling area. There, unfinished wooden planks are rolled, sanded, and processed using a variety of machines. Efficient trimming and high-quality cutting helps ensure superior quality of every piece of furniture. As custom furniture manufacturers, be it stone, glass, resin, wood or even plastic, we make sure we give it our best to make exactly what you want at the best price.

indonesia furntiure manufacturer

The main production material in our Indonesia Furniture Factory is Teak, and to add to that, Indonesian carpenters are known for their exquisite woodworking skills.

indonesia furniture manufacturer2


Prototyping & Mock-ups.

We produce mock-ups of your furniture designs for your approval before we begin bulk production.



furniture production

We are a custom hotel furniture supplier that ensures the quality of every single piece of furniture we make. To ensure maximum efficiency, our factory is divided into multiple separate areas for different steps of the manufacturing process:


Cutting and material preparation.

cutting and material preparation

This steps involves machines such as automatic CNC routing machines, automatic planers, automatic band saws, automatic plywood saw cutting machines, hydraulic veneer presses, and various wood veneer processing machines – veneer stitching machines and veneer edge banding machines.


Assembling area.

furniture assembling

The processed materials and parts are now sent to the next stage of the supply chain for gluing and assembling.



furniture finishing

Each piece of furniture will move through the sanding room, the spray painting area, and the water curtain spray chambers.


UV coating.

uv coating

A UV coating is applied which increases the durability of the furniture through increased hardness and solvent resistance.




Our extensive upholstery and sewing capabilities including a range of quality fabrics and plastic foam. Being a custom hotel furniture manufacturer, we can handle different types of sewing and upholstery jobs, including special-cut orders as we have a highly-skilled team and an efficient production space.


Quality checking area.

quality checking2

Each of our products requires the highest standards of quality. We even conduct visual inspections to avoid defects, discolorations, scratches, or any other imperfections. This step is really important to ensure that each product is delivered according to your standards and requirements.


Storage and logistics.

storage and logistics2

We understand the hassle of keeping a track of products from multiple sources, which is why we act as the consolidation point for storage and shipping, be it to anywhere in the world. Each product is carefully packed by skilled personnel before being sent for delivery.


After-sales service

after sales service

One of the greatest strengths a business has is good after-sales service. After everything is set up, we visit your site to personally ensure everything is to your satisfaction, we also provide a one-year warranty on everything we manufacture. Lastly, we like to keep in touch with every client to build a long-lasting relationship.

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5 Interesting uses of Glass, Ceramic & Resin for your Resort

Glass is not believed to be a man-made product. Scientists claim that Mother Nature creates glass as well. Glass is formed when a molten material cools so rapidly that there is not enough time for a crystalline structure to form. For example, if lava from a volcano cools down rapidly a glass like rock is formed called obsidian. A wide variety of styles and uses makes glass decor a popular choice for many hotels and resorts.

Glass is made up of materials like sand, soda, ash and limestone. This makes glass completely recyclable. Recycled glass not only saves resources, it also is beneficial to the manufacturers as this recycled glass can substitute for 95% of raw materials.

recycled glass furniture

Resin is a solid, highly viscous substance of either plant or synthetic origin. Natural resin is secreted by plants and is used to manufacture various products. Resin furniture is made from synthetic resins. Synthetic resins behave like the natural ones, and also share some common properties. Therefore, consumers concerned about the environment may find this class of furniture a suitable alternative.

synthetic resins for furniture

Resin furniture is often used together with wood to make unique and creative designs. When you shop for patio pieces you can find everything from tables and chairs to gliders and swings. These types of furniture come in a variety of colours, sizes, and design styles.

Read on to know about a few interesting uses of glass and resins for your hotel or resort furniture.


1. Mosaics

mozaic art for resorts


For a stunning touch to your interior design, we can use glass or ceramic pieces to create an intricate mosaic that will catch the eye of your guests. These mosaics are set in stone or wood and can be used as a feature wall, flooring, or even a luxury table top.


2. Stained glass

stained glass2


The colour of glass can be changed by simply adding metallic salts during the manufacturing process. For example, adding Chromium gives the glass a deep green colour. This stained glass effect is often used in windows, creating colourful patterns when the light shines through.


stained glass


3. Resin-Filled Wooden Table Tops

resin tables

Resin Wood coffee tables are a beautiful and unique way to add some colour to your wooden designs. These highly sought after pieces are created by casting clear or coloured resin into your wooden table top. This effect can transform a seemingly normal table top into a one of a kind centerpiece for your interior.


4. Feature centerpieces

ceramic feature centerpieces

Add the finishing touch to your decor with a custom designed feature piece. We’ll work together with you to to design the perfect creative and beautiful piece that will enhance the aesthetics of your interior and add that dash of style.


5. Resin panels

resin panels for resorts

Resin panels are environmental friendly and fashionable. They are fireproof and water resistant. Since resin panels are translucent; they can be used as screen walls in hotel lobbies, as wardrobe doors, and more.

resin hotel lobby

Due to the excellent resistance to heat, high adhesive strength and resistance to chemicals, resin is gaining widespread popularity in the furniture industry.

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4 Tips on Choosing the Right Materials for Coastal Climate Resorts

Choosing furniture for your home is different to selecting pieces for a resort that welcomes thousands of guests each year. Delicate items made from luxurious materials suited to a beautiful house or apartment aren’t designed for serious wear and tear, after all. Quality resort furniture, on the other hand, combines good looks and durability to ensure it lasts at least a year or two before a replacement is needed.

1. Know which Furniture Materials withstand the elements

resort furniture materials to withstand the elements


Travellers from around the world flock to blue skies and warm temperatures. However, beautiful weather can quickly destroy furniture. A typical wooden dresser, for instance, will absorb moisture from the humid seaside air at a beach resort in Thailand or the Seychelles, causing it to swell and crack. To avoid this problem, consider pieces made from something like teak. This strong, beautiful wood grows in tropical rainforests and is suited to outdoor use, making it a smart choice for resorts.


2. Try manmade materials for extended durability

velassaru wicker materials

Velassaru, Maldives

Many natural fibres, including hemp and seagrass, fall apart when exposed to intense sunlight and corrosive ocean air, and may survive only a few months somewhere like Malaysia’s tropical rainforests, which are hot and sticky throughout the year. Man-made materials, like plastic and synthetic wicker, stay in good condition for longer, though. Stainless steel is another smart option. Sleek, elegant and sturdy- These materials will last and and won’t corrode.


3. Which Furniture Materials Hold it together?

summer island resort

Summer Island Resort, Maldives

Different types of wood joinery offer different levels of strength. For example, butt joints, in which two pieces of wood connect (usually at a right angle) with mechanical fasteners, are fairly weak. These may shift and fall apart when exposed to humidity. Try something like a dovetail joint, in which two pieces of wood interlock like the fingers of clasped hands. This is often preferable, especially for heavily used furniture. It’s also best to make wooden items with waterproof glue and treat it with several coats of finish to seal out moisture.


4. Indoor or outdoor Furniture Materials?

park royal hotel singapore, outdoor furniture design

Park Royal Hotel, Singapore

To extend the life of resort furniture, avoid putting indoor pieces outside. Chairs, tables and other items built for outdoor use are tough enough to last, unlike a delicate coffee table or leather bench. If your resort features areas that are heavily climate controlled, like a lobby or meeting room, you can outfit them with furniture that might mould or rot if used on a balcony or patio.

Finally, don’t forget that certain areas of your resort may have specific needs when it comes to furniture. Restaurants should feature chairs covered in water and stain-proof fabric that make them easy to clean. Anything near open flames, whether they come from a tiki torch, grill or kitchen, should be fire resistant, as safety should always come first.

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