Onestop utilises a range of carefully selected ceramic materials, including porcelain, pottery and glass. We are passionate about create aesthetically beautiful, effective, and durable products for our clients – providing style and comfort for small or large spaces.

We have used Ceramic in projects such as Maldives resort furniture, interior fit-out services, and a variety of other projects.

Whether it’s a small bathroom or a spacious estate, we aspire to provide the exact product for your needs.

Each of our custom made ceramic furniture pieces combines luxurious materials and high attention to detail with professional crafting techniques. The result is charming and exquisite custom furniture to enhance the style of your café, resort or hotel.

Our range of ceramic materials can be used in the creation of feature pieces, or to add the finishing touches to your décor. Our portfolio of ceramic and glass products includes ceramic tables & stools, luxury table tops, intricately designed mozaics on stood or wood, and much more.

Onestop specializes in bespoke furniture for restaurants, hotels and resorts around the world. Our glass and ceramic products add to the contemporary design of modern furniture and interior design. Whether for table tops or glass cabinets, our expansive range of glass and ceramics may be just what you need.

Do you need custom made furniture for your hotel, resort or cafe? Drop us a message and we’ll be happy to help out.