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Improving Customer Experience: It’s more than just design

There are a number of factors that can make or break a business. The hospitality industry is one such business where the customer holds this ultimate power. The customer is your brand ambassador. No doubt, hanging beautiful paintings on the walls of your hotel lobby or using luxurious carpets and unique resort furniture can create a great impression. However, what defines your business is the experience and memories your customer takes with him while leaving the hotel.

In this fast paced industry, keeping up with latest trends and designs is very important. However, here are a few other ways that hotels and resorts can improve customer experience.


Include Kiosks and floor plans

hotel kiosk in custom furniture

Self check-in system at 9Tree Hotel in Seoul, Korea

Help customers help themselves! Navigating through hotel lobbies can sometimes be difficult and frustrating, especially if your guest list includes senior citizens. Place kiosks with floor plans that are easy to understand and do not need to be explained by a third person.


Digital presence

hotel website

Customers prefer doing their own research before selecting the hotel they want to stay in during their vacation or business trips. Creating a dynamic website to market your hotel can go a long way in attracting customers. Make sure to include high-definition photos of the hotel and clear contact information just in case a customer has questions that are not answered on the website.


Listen to feedback – customer and staff

listen to customer feedback

Turning feedback into opportunities to grow is very important. Conducting surveys is not the only way of gathering feedback. Actively listening to your customers can help with hints regarding what your hotel is doing best or what may need to be changed. Feedback should come not only from the customers, but also your hotel staff. The hotel staff are the very people who interact with customers on a daily basis. Feedback from staff can provide valuable insight that you may not have thought of.


Hospitality employees

hotel staff are your greatest asset

Hospitality employees are the hosts in your hotel. Friendly, helpful staff who exceed the expectations of hospitality are vital in ensuring that your guests keep coming back. Customers may forget the paraphernalia that adorns your hotel but they will definitely not forget how they were treated during their stay.


Share data

share data

Certain data needs to be withheld from the hotel staff for the sake of running a smooth business. However, the hotel management should use their prudence and share the data that can help the business flourish. For example, unusual requests or complaints from customers and how they were handled could be shared with hotel staff, as it may be helpful for them to understand how to best handle similar situations in the future.


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