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How to Make the Most of Large Spaces

Large spaces in hotels provide the opportunity for an impressive statement in terms of design and layout. But how do you make the most of these large spaces?

hilton seychells

Hilton Labriz, Seychelles

To decorate a hotel room means ensuring the right are in the right places, and using the right colours and textures to meet the theme or style that you have in mind.

That being said, having large spaces does not mean you have to fill them. You could opt to fill the spaces, or leave most spaces empty, or fill spaces with interesting art or decor instead of furniture.

Here are a few tips for decorating the larger areas of your hotels.


Designing spacious areas in your hotel

hardrock maldi9ves

Hard Rock Hotel, Maldives

Installing the right furniture in the right place can free up some space for a more minimalist or elegant look. Sometimes free spaces are just as important as the thing we put within them.

With larger spaces, sometimes less is more. But at the same time, it’s good to make use of large spaces. This means planning a design that incorporates both practicality for what the room is used for, as well as leave space to enjoy.


Planning the Layout

warehouse hotel singapore

The Warehouse Hotel, Singapore

Large areas in your hotel are most often areas such as the lobby. A hotel lobby serves several purposes including checking your guests in, leaving a space for guests to sit and relax, as well as creating a memorable entrance for your hotel.

One idea for large areas is separating the space into several smaller areas. This might be a gaming area, a TV or internet space, and more.

Of course, its important to make sure you also plan the layout around the reception to make sure guests have a place to sit while waiting to check in.


Highs and Lows

dorsett subang

Dorsett Grand Subang, Malaysia

In a large room, consider the height. Do you have a high ceiling or a low ceiling? Or does it cover a variety of ceiling heights?

If your ceiling is very high, think of how to best utilise the space. This may mean full height windows, or tall decorations, or even tall plants in certain parts of the room. If most of your furniture is low set, it may look odd when compared with the high ceiling.

If the ceiling is lower, low-to-the-ground furnishings and decor can help to create harmony within the surroundings and enhance the area of the space.

qt melbourned

QT Hotel Melbourne, Australia


In Closing

Whatever you do, the purpose is to make your hotel exceptional for your guests for an exceptional experience. To summarize, think about the purpose of the room, plan the layout accordingly, and utilize the ceiling height to make the most of your design.

We hope these small tips will help you next time you are designing a large open space. For assistance, feel free to get in touch with our team for consultation.

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