Resin & Fiberglass

There are many advantages to working with materials such as plastic and fiberglass. Just some of these benefits include lightweight, low-maintenance, easy to clean, durable and versatile. These materials can be fashioned into almost anything you can imagine, using a vast array of colours – from subtle to intense.

Plastics and fiberglass are easily customisable to suit your requirements and are able to withstand the harsh elements of tropical and coastal climates. Combining comfortable and casual with sleek and stylish, we aim to incorporate plastics and fiberglass tastefully into our projects to create symmetry in each design.

Some of the furniture created with resin casting or fiberglass include tables, resin panels, or resin covered wood.

resin covered wood tables tops

While there may be some disadvantages to working with plastics, its unique qualities far outweigh them:


Benefits of Resin Casting & Fiberglass Furniture

Lightweight – Plastics and fiberglass weigh a lot less than metal or wood, making it easy to move around if need be.

Cost – If you are on a tight budget, plastic is a comfortable and stylish material that may be more cost effective than others.

Versatility – Plastic and fiberglass can be easily moulded into a wide variety of shapes, whether for your furniture pieces or décor.

Durability – Plastics are non-porous and do not absorb moisture. This means that they do not rust or crack due to contact with water.