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In today’s crowded F&B landscape, we understand the need to stand out with unique themes and customized furniture pieces. We prize flexibility and attention to detail and are confident of translating your ideas from paper to a finished, workable solution that aligns with your overarching vision.

Customised Commercial Restaurant Furniture for your needs

custom furniture manufacturing for F&B

There is no challenge we will not accept. We are able to customise every aspect of restaurant, bar or café furniture to suit your needs. We focus on creating unique and high quality furniture according to your needs and requirements.

interior fit-out

We are more than just about furniture. Onestop is able to transform spaces and create the ideal representation of the atmosphere you require.

small to large scaled projects

We work with entities of all sizes, from small boutique cafes to large restaurants. We also manufacture a variety of different styles, including modern, contemporary, retro, and much more.

Value engineering and technical consultation

Our experienced team will assist with professional technical input to ensure optimum value for your project. We work with you to help you create the look, style, and atmosphere you need, within your timeline and budget.

specialise in quick turnaround projects

Our Manufacturing solutions contain the latest machinery paired with highly skilled craftsman and staff to ensure high quality and efficient delivery.


We provide on-site support from start to finish to ensure you are satisfied with our deliverables at every step of the way.

Our custom restaurant furniture expertise includes both loose and built-in pieces. This spans from lighting, accessories and customised built-in counters, to one-of-a-kind designs for restaurants and bars. We are well-versed in working with themed restaurants seeking the perfect accent piece to stand out, handling small orders and bespoke designs effortlessly.

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