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We are the leading restaurant and cafe furniture supplier in Singapore. Our expertise includes restaurant furniture design and manufacturing for restaurants, bars and cafes across Singapore.

In today’s crowded F&B landscape, we understand the need to stand out with unique themes and customized furniture pieces. We translate your vision into reality-all while keeping within your deadline and budget.

Customised Commercial Restaurant Furniture for your needs

Our custom restaurant furniture expertise includes both loose and built-in pieces. This spans from lighting, accessories and customized built-in counters, to one-of-a-kind designs for restaurants and bars. We are well-versed in working within themed restaurants seeking the perfect the perfect accent piece to stand out, handling small orders and bespoke designs effortlessly.

All this is done with the quality, price and logistics demands that usually come with an F&B furniture design project. Our eight-step process leaves no room for compromise: from the first meeting and discussion of ideas, to the ability to handle the final touches like storage, shipping and assembly.

Whether you’re a restaurant owner sinking your hands into the process, or an interior architect in charge of the design, Onestop has a team of design-focused experts that will ensure that every detail of a project is just right, without compromising technical workmanship.

We prize flexibility and an attention to detail in every element of a project, translating your ideas from paper to a finished, workable solution that aligns with your overarching vision.

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