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We’re not just about furniture.

Onestop is a leading custom hospitality furniture manufacturer based in Singapore, with production capabilities in China, Indonesia and Malaysia.

With a decade’s worth of expertise within the hospitality sector, Onestop can meet your project’s hotel furnishing needs every step of the way. Our team is attentive and service-focused, to ensure your project is delivered to your requirements.

We specialise in both loose and built-in furniture, soft furnishings, loose lighting, curtains, and accessories. We also offer turnkey solutions for hotel and resort furniture, fixtures and equipment with a premium finish.

Instead of the typical assembly-line process adopted by other hotel furniture manufacturers, our projects are underpinned by our unique blend of Chinese machine-centric production and traditional Indonesian craft techniques. Most importantly, we employ a close collaborative process to ensure every project’s success.


Beginning your Custom Hotel Furniture Project

Onestop are consultants with well-versed backgrounds in design and engineering. We have your best interests at heart, and everything we have learned over the years is at your disposal.

We guide you through each stage, from idea to design and engineering to the finished product. Our technically qualified staff will help translate an idea into a workable vision that fits perfectly into your development’s needs.

It all starts with an initial meeting and discussion. After which, we’ll guide you through each step of the process. Onestop will travel for meetings and prototype reviews, provide input in the planning and value-engineering process, assist in material selection and consultation, and arrange post-delivery visits and reviews of the finished project. If needed, we can additionally handle the details of storage, shipping and assembly, finishing out a full suite of services for all your furnishing needs.


Our Hotel Furniture Expertise

We have experience working with projects of vastly different scopes, from unique boutique hotels to large-scale luxury resort developments. Our internationally based operations supported by multilingual staff will ensure that each project will run smoothly without a hitch.

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