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Full control from beginning to end


Unlike other custom hotel furniture suppliers, we are able to control the entire furniture production process from start to finish – beginning with design and material selection all the way to manufacturing and logistics.

  • carving
  • upholstery
  • woodwork
  • weaving
  • metalwork
  • moulding

Our 8 Step Furniture Manufacturing Process

  • 1

    Design & Discuss

    We will help you put your customised furniture vision on paper and define your requirements so we are both clear on every detail.

  • 2

    Sourcing of Materials

    Be it stone, glass or resin, we will apply all our knowledge and capabilities to sourcing materials that match your customised furniture specifications for the best prices.

  • 3

    Prototyping & Mock-ups

    We will produce mock-ups of your furniture designs for your approval before we begin bulk production.

  • 4


    With complete control over the entire manufacturing process, we are a custom hotel furniture supplier that ensures the quality of every single piece of furniture that comes out of our factory.

  • 5

    Storage & Logistics

    To save you the hassle of handling products from multiple sources, we act as the consolidation point for storage and shipping. And we ship to anywhere in the world, such as Maldives, Fiji, Philippines, Australia, and many more.

  • 6

    After-sales Service

    Our services do not end at delivery and installation. After everything is set up, we will visit your site personally to ensure everything is to your satisfaction.

  • 7

    Confidence in our Products

    We believe in the quality of our customised furniture products. That’s why we offer a one-year warranty on everything we manufacture.

  • 8

    Building a Relationship

    We look forward to building trust and long-lasting relationships with every single client.

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