• Manufacturing Process

Our 8 Step Furniture Manufacturing Process

  • 1

    Design & Discuss

    We will help you put your vision on paper and define your requirements so we are both clear on every detail.

  • 2

    Sourcing of Materials

    Be it stone, glass or resin, we will apply all our knowledge and capabilities to sourcing materials that match your specifications for the best prices.

  • 3

    Prototyping & Mock-ups

    We will produce mock-ups of your furniture designs for your approval before we begin bulk production.

  • 4


    With complete control over the entire manufacturing process, we are a custom hotel furniture supplier that ensures the quality of every single piece of furniture that comes out of our factory.

  • 5

    Storage & Logistics

    To save you the hassle of handling products from multiple sources, we act as the consolidation point for storage and shipping. And we ship to anywhere in the world.

  • 6

    After-sales Service

    Our services do not end at delivery and installation. After everything is set up, we will visit your site personally to ensure everything is to your satisfaction.

  • 7

    Confidence in our Products

    We believe in the quality of our products, and offer a one-year warranty on everything we manufacture.

  • 8

    Building a Relationship

    We look forward to building trust and long-lasting relationships with every single client.

Guangdong, China

Our factory in the city of Foshan employs more than 200 craftspeople and covers an area of 50,000 square metres. Fully owned and managed by Onestop Singapore, our China furniture manufacturer is fitted out with a range of numerical control machines and precision tools, and is fully certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Onestop’s China factory specializes in the designing, developing, and production of a vast array of custom hotel furniture from a wide variety of materials. We handle the entire process from the supply of raw materials, to manufacturing, and finally, distribution and delivery.

With a team of highly-skilled artisans and craftspeople, we focus on excellence in quality for every project. Our team also includes seasoned drafters who are able to churn out technical shop drawings according to your requirements.

To ensure maximum efficiency for each of our projects, our factory is divided into multiple separate areas for different steps of the manufacturing process.


Cutting and Material Preparation

In this section of the factory, raw materials are cut and prepared before being sent to the assembling area. Here, unfinished planks are rolled, sanded, and processed using a variety of woodworking machines. Efficient trimming and high-quality cutting helps ensure superior quality of every piece of furniture.

The material preparation uses top technology machines such as automatic CNC routing machines, automatic planers, automatic band saws, automatic plywood saw cutting machines, hydraulic veneer presses, and various wood veneer processing machines – veneer stitching machines and veneer edge banding machines.

Assembling Area

The processed materials and components are now sent to the next stage of the supply chain for gluing and assembling.


Once assembly has been completed, the next step is the finishing process. Each furniture piece will move through the sanding room with ventilation exhaust fan for dust suction, the spray painting area, and the water curtain spray chambers. The last step in the finishing process is the UV coating machine which we use for our furniture and woodwork. UV Coating can increase the durability of your furniture through increased hardness and solvent resistance.


Our extensive upholstery and sewing capabilities include a range of quality fabrics and plastic foam. With a highly-skilled team, experienced sewing machinists, and expansive production space, we can handle many different types of sewing and upholstery jobs, including special-cut orders, precisely crafted to your exact measurements.

Quality Checking area

Whether we are manufacturing a pool-side lounge chair or a luxury upholstered sofa, each of our products requires the highest standards of structural and aesthetic quality. Visual inspections are carried out on each piece to ensure there are no defects, discolorations, scratches, or any other imperfections. This is an essential step to ensuring that each product is delivered according to your standards and requirements.

Packing and Storage

Before the products are sent, each item is carefully packaged to prevent damage during shipping. Once the items are carefully packed, they are now ready to be delivered.

Java, Indonesia

Indonesian carpenters are renowned for their exquisite woodworking skills, which
have been passed down from one generation to the next. Our facility harnesses this expertise to provide outdoor-grade hospitality, F&B and jungle wood slab furniture in hardwoods like teak, as well as other materials not available elsewhere.

Our Indonesia Furniture Factory’s main production material is Teak. Teak Furniture made from this tropical hardwood is widely sought after for outdoor furniture, due its high oil content which makes the wood exceptionally durable for tropical climate conditions. Other materials also include sustainable products like bamboo and rubber wood, as well as special materials like coral and seashells to embellish more rustic resorts. Indonesia is also the largest supplier of rattan furniture in the world, making it another of our prime production materials.

With over 80 men in operation, our team includes experts in traditional woodworking techniques and weaving experts. Our craftspeople specialize in both natural and synthetic fibresand are able to produce extremely intricate patterns & structures.

Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Our team of Malaysian craftsmen are well-versed in plywood and built-in carpentry,
and have many years of experience. As well as being masters of their craft, they work
as a team to ensure they can solve any problem at any site on a moment’s notice,
should the need arise.

Our Expertise

Full control from beginning to end


Unlike other custom hotel furniture suppliers, we are able to control the entire furniture production process from start to finish – beginning with design and material selection all the way to manufacturing and logistics.

  • carving
  • upholstery
  • woodwork
  • weaving
  • metalwork
  • moulding

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