Stone & Masonry

When working with stone and masonry, Onestop delivers professional guidance and exceptional craftsmanship in wide range of projects both large and small. Our materials include a selection of versatile materials with varying finishes which can be used for a number of applications. A few of our finish options include: smooth, scarred, sawn, and rusticated.

We have used stone in our Maldives resort furniture projects, as well as other custom furniture projects around the world.

With specially trained planers and carvers, we are confident that we can take on any custom furniture project you may have in mind. We also work with some of the finest stone and masonry suppliers in the region to ensure the best quality for your needs.

Stone furniture is beautiful,strong, and extremely long-lasting. Our stone furniture series creates a natural look that blends into its environment – ideal for outdoor use.

Although stone furniture can be very bulky and heavy, it does have its own unique advantages. One of the best benefits of stone furniture is its long-term durability and relatively low maintenance. Stone furniture is also highly adaptable to various settings and styles of décor.

Types of Stone for Custom Furniture Manufacturing

Different types of stone may vary in hardness, colour, luster, and more. This blend of characteristics makes each stone a unique and beautiful piece for your hotel or resort. Typical types of stone may include marble, granite, or quartzite.

Marble is a popular choice for its strength, beauty, and unique colour formations. While marble is fairly resistant to erosion, it can be easily damaged by acidic liquids, or grit which may scratch the surface. It’s advisable to add a sealant when working with marble.

Granite is an extremely strong substance, unsurpassed by any man-made materials. In furniture, granite is commonly used for table tops, benches or floors. Granite can be carved into varying sizes and shapes based on your needs.

granite stone custom hotel furniture manufacturer

Limestone is a soft material with a smooth surface, and can vary in hardness. Being highly absorbent, limestone requires sealant to protect its surface. It is also easily be scratched or damaged by acidic substances. Limestone is found in a variety of colours, ranging from white, to grey, pink or yellow.

Travertine is similarly soft like Limestone, but can be filled, honed or polished to improve durability. Travertine is commonly used for both indoors and outdoors. To preserve the colours, avoid bleach or strong detergents when cleaning.

Onyx is commonly used in decorative items, due to its unique translucent appearance. This spectacular stone is known for its naturally occurring swirling designs and vibrant colours which can be enhanced even more with backlighting. Onyx must be professionally sealed and maintained with care.

Quartzite is a beautiful natural choice which combines elements of marble and granite. Quartzite is found in a variety of colours, with a veining pattern similar to marble. Being much harder than marble, it requires less maintenance.


Using Stone for your Furniture

Stone is a premium building material to enhance your space with an elegant and natural look. Some typical uses include table tops, and decorative items like bowls.