Every custom made piece of furniture should have great fabrics that enhance the look and feel of your resort. Express the shade that suits your style with hundreds of unique patterns, colours and textures, for indoor or outdoor use. From elegant and traditional to modern and trendy, we help you to select the right materials for your needs and style.

Onestop assist in recommending and delivery the right upholstery for your needs. Whether its for restaurant furniture suppy in the Philippines, or Maldives resort furniture. We’ll help to provide the right materials and colours for your needs.

Customised upholstery should include fabrics that enhance your overall design. We aim to provide products that are comfortable, practical, and beautiful as well. As a professional custom hotel furniture supplier, we help you develop the ideal products to reflect your style, while still focusing on quality and durability.

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Choosing the right Material for your Furniture

There are many different types of fabrics and materials which can be used to serve different purposes. When selecting materials, be sure to consider durability, comfort, and style. This will help you to select the best fabrics, patterns, and even brands. You should also remember where your item will be placed – such as indoor or outdoor.

Fabrics can be found in both indoor and outdoor grades, with the grades signifying the durability of that type of fabric.

Grades are typically measured using what is called the “rub-count.” During testing, a machine rubs a testing pad back and forth across a material until it is worn out. The amount of times it takes to do this will be referred to as the fabrics “rub-count.”

Fabric grades range from “delicate-duty,” of about a 9,000 – 15,000 rub-count. These fabrics are mainly for decorative purposes and never upholstery. Top grade “heavy-duty” commercial grade fabric which can withstand high-traffic commercial use and have up to a 100,000 rub-count.

Indoor and outdoor Materials can sometimes be interchangeable, while often they cannot. On one hand, outdoor materials must withstand the elements of sun, moisture, or salinity. On the other hand, they are often seasonal pieces, and may not see as much traffic and daily wear and tear usage.

Onestop carries a variety of branded and non-branded fabrics and textiles to choose from. These include:

· Robert Allen design
· Irisun Italian made Textiles
· Sunbrella Fabrics
· Perennials Fabrics
· Donghia Textiles
· Serge Ferrari
· China OEM Fabrics
· Indonesia OEM Fabrics

Each of these fabrics is available in a wide variety of colours and patterns. However, we also offer customised prints using silk screen or heat transfer printings.


Foam Upholsteries

Aside from fabrics and textiles, foam is used for upholsteries, available in indoor or outdoor grades. Onestop provides upholstery foam in a range of shapes, cuts, quality, and firmness. Types of foam may vary based on the size of their pores, materials used, and the approximate lifespan of the product.

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Urecel Quick-dry Foam is one of the brands that we carry — engineered specially for outdoor application. Furniture created using quick-dry foam can be left outdoors throughout the year, even when it rains. The enlarged pores allow rain and moisture to pass through easily, without damaging the material.


Sofa and Seating Constructions

One of the main factors of a sofa or chair is how comfortable it is to sit in. The perfect seat can be achieved using a variety of different construction methods, depending on your design and requirements.

Foam seat cushions can add comfort while maintaining quality. High-density foam will provide a firmer seat, while low density can be used for a softer or more plush effect.

Coils & Springs are similar to those found in a mattress. Usually, these are wrapped in foam and can vary from medium to firm. Durability will depend heavily on the gauge of the springs being used.

Down Feather is ideal for constructing the softest seating possible. Down can also be combined with foam or other materials to achieve the ideal level of firmness that you require. For down furniture, its important to ensure that your casing is feather proof so the feathers don’t slip out.