wicker & synthetic fibers

One of Onestop’s specialties is in outdoor wicker furniture, focusing on strong and durable materials that withstand the elements of coastal living, such as sun, salt and sand. We carry both natural and synthetic wicker materials that can hold up against extreme weather conditions and harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Wicker furniture is a top choice for custom furniture in Sydney Australia, Maldives, Fiji, and other coastal climate areas.

Onestop’s wicker selections combine comfort and style, and include a range of varieties, from traditional to modern designs. Choose the style that best matches your requirements, and browse through a collection of available colours. Our custom made wicker and rattan furniture is known for its amazing endurance, and be used for indoor or outdoor products, such as tables, chairs, sofas, and much more.

With a wide variety of developed fibers and colours, we provide an expansive array of choices for every project that we undertake. These premium all-weather fibers are available on a made-to-order basis for your needs.

We source our Wicker and rattan furniture materials from Viro Fiber, Ateja Ropes, and other top quality brands.


Natural Vs Synthetic Wicker

Wicker is not a material, but a style of weaving which dates back thousands of years. Wicker may be constructed using a range of natural or synthetic materials.

Synthetic Wicker is sometimes referred to as “all-weather” wicker, due to its durable qualities. One of the main benefits of synthetic wicker is its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and strong UV rays. This resilience to water also makes it very easy to clean. Synthetic wicker is commonly used in garden and outdoor settings.


natural and synthetic wickers

Natural Wicker vs Synthetic Wicker

Natural Wicker is may be made from any naturally occurring fibers. The most common example is probably rattan, while other natural fibers for wicker may include willow, seagrass or raffia. Natural wicker is made by carefully weaving the plant fibers to create light, yet durable furniture pieces. Natural Wicker is best kept for indoor use and may require maintenance to keep it in good shape.

Synthetic and natural wickers can come in a wide variety of weaves and colours according to your needs. This could range from a neutral or natural look, to more vibrant and colourful finishes.