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How it all began

Onestop was founded with one ambition: to be the best Custom Hospitality Furniture Manufacturer in the world. For more than 15 years, we have provided excellent value and cost-saving solutions to our clients in Asia. Based in Singapore and with production capabilities in China, Indonesia and Malaysia, our eight-step manufacturing process embodies the spirit of craftsmanship and design, and adds value engineering to each project, in any location.

Put simply, our promise is this:

We Listen. Quality Products. Hassle Free.

A simple observation that turned into an opportunity was the beginning spark of the Onestop brand. It all began while our founders were in the Maldives where they observed the monopolisation of a few furniture manufacturers. Noticing an opportunity ripe for the taking, they took their gusto and idea to create Onestop Interiors – aptly named due to the wide spectrum of services provided.

Almost a decade later, we’ve grown into a well-rounded team through the years to be known as Onestop – your one stop solution for Custom Hospitality Furniture Manufacturing. We’ve moved on to set up a manufacturing facility of our own in China and forged lasting relationships with international clients, from renowned hospitality brands to famous architectural studios.

Delivering your design,

instilling real quality


Above all things, we are consultants with well-versed backgrounds in design and engineering. So we have your best interests at heart. Everything we have learned over the years is at your disposal, and we will guide you through each stage.


As professional custom hospitality furniture manufacturers, we want every aspect of your project to be as smooth as possible. We will handle design, manufacturing, logistics and installation, leaving you to let your imagination run free.


We own our manufacturing bases, which means we only offer the highest-quality custom-made furniture for your requirements. From selecting raw materials to final production, we monitor everything each step of the way, to ensure complete satisfaction from each of our customers.

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