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Onestop was Established in 2008 by its founders Shaffiq and Yang. What began as a single moment of tenacity progressed into the creation of Onestop; a Custom Furniture Manufacturer with big ambitions in the hospitality sector.

The Onestop team is based in Singapore with production capabilities in China, Indonesia and Malaysia. With more than a decade’s worth of experience in the industry, Onestop has an eight-step process that combines craftsmanship and design. We aim to establish lasting relationships with each of our clients, based on resourcefulness in turning ideas into reality, even in the most remote resort locations.


Onestop began as an unlikely series of events set in the Maldives. At the time, Shaffiq worked in a Singapore based trading company which supplied building materials to businesses in the Maldives, while Yang worked as a civil engineer.

One fine day, one of Shaffiq’s contacts requested that he supply furniture for one of their projects. In a burst of entrepreneurship, Shaffiq readily agreed and promised to take on the project, despite having no prior experience in furniture or design.

Determined to fulfill his promise, Shaffiq immediately called up his good friend Yang to attend the supplier briefing with him. Since Yang was a civil engineer, Shaffiq hoped that he could assist in deciphering the technical drawings and specifications provided by the architects.

With hearts and mind set on completing the project, Shaffiq and Yang worked tirelessly. Juggling their day jobs and working out of a small borrowed office, they worked on Onestop outside of office hours, visiting furniture factories in China and Indonesia on the weekends – gaining experience as they went along.

This hands-on process eventually led to the founding of Onestop. The name Onestop embodying the quest to become a well-rounded custom furniture manufacturer that specializes in a whole host of services.

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