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Our Heritage

Every Success Story has a Beginning

What began as a moment of tenacity became the birth of Onestop in 2008. Back then, Onestop was just a humble two-man team founded by Shaffiq and Yang.


Sparked off by the success of the first project, they decided to bring Onestop from a small team to an international brand. Started with limited resources, they have to be thrifty and innovative, with a “no-nonsense” approach to everyday problem solving. This eventually became Onestop’s working principles, values and success.

Our Story

In 2008, after realising that resorts in the Maldives were almost exclusively sourcing their furnishings from Bali, which is usually seen more as a tourist destination, our founders sought to differentiate from everyone by introducing furniture and fit-out works out of China and other parts of Asia.


Onestop was also the first company to bring China-made furniture and fit-outs into the Maldives. “We saw that these Chinese manufacturers could definitely match up to the quality and standards set by the Maldivian resorts.”.


Now, with more than a decade of experience at our disposal, we are fully equipped to provide end-to-end solutions – from custom manufacturing, quality joinery and fit-outs to fully managed turnkey projects.


Headquartered in Singapore with production capabilities in China and Indonesia, rich diversities from these select locations allows us to bring together the best of each region’s craftsmanship and manufacturing practices to provide our clients with exclusive solutions.


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