Addressing Space Constraints With Smart Technology

08 Aug 2022


When it comes down to choosing the right furniture for a small space, the trick is to take advantage of space-saving furniture. These multifunctional and transformable pieces are often designed for tight spaces to maximise every corner of the house. Furthermore, minimising the number of furniture can be a pivotal move in optimising as much space as possible to help make a small living area appear more spacious.


Multifunctional furniture are great pieces that serve more than one function. A storage bed is a perfect example. Aside from serving as a place to sleep, its hidden storage compartments located under the mattress can be used to store items such as small travel luggages. Another good example is multi-purpose furniture sets that act as a couch, desk, coffee table and ottoman, all fitted into one compact design.

image 46
Hotel storage bed


Unlike multifunctional furniture, convertible furniture transforms from one purpose to another. The functionality and uniqueness of these pieces are often found to be both desirable and practical. A familiar example is a convertible sofa. Couch by day, bed by night – these space-savers are found aplenty among many homes, hotels and businesses alike. Its practicality makes convertible sofas the ideal furniture for small apartments and hotel rooms, thanks to their space-saving abilities and attractive price point.

image 47
Transforming furniture for small space


Speaking of hotels and space-saving, let’s have a look at the collaboration between Marriott International and Ori, a robotics and architecture startup. These two brands will be collaborating as part of Marriott’s Design Lab to transform the way in which we perceive hotel spaces!

image 48
Collaboration between Marriott and Ori


Marking Ori’s first large hospitality partnership, this milestone reigns in a new era of transformable furniture and technology in the industry. Reimagining the hotel room of tomorrow, Marriott International integrates Ori products and technology into the guest rooms and transforms the interiors into an electrifying new experience.

image 49
Reimagining the hotel room of tomorrow

Witness an ordinary bed rise at the touch of a button, a tap on your phone or a voice command, as it reveals a workstation, couch or dining table. This example aligns perfectly with Ori’s mission – “help people live large in a small footprint.” With these developments in smart technology, we observe how space can be maximised to create flexibility for the modern traveller.

image 50
Living large with a small footprint

There is always a way to work around a small space, especially with the advancements achieved in smart technology over the years. With tourism back on the rise, the number of travellers is steadily increasing, turning these hotel rooms into more than just a place to rest – it becomes a temporary home. And what better way to give them a sense of home than through convenient and multifunctional furniture pieces? Reimagine your space and acquire professional opinions. Get in touch with our team here for a free consultation today!

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