Checking In: How Hotels Maintain Calmness Through Design

25 Oct 2022


Have you ever wondered how huge hoteliers achieve a certain calmness throughout the property? The key lies in the interior design. Here are some ways to create and maintain a sense of serenity within the establishment to ensure that your guests will be counting down to their next stay at your hotel.


How one utilises the space in a room is crucial in balancing the composition of the interior. Often put, it relies on two factors – the positive and negative space. The positive space refers to the space in a room occupied by objects or materials, including interior decor, art, furniture, and other accessories. The negative space is the opposite – it refers to the empty spaces that take up the rest of the room. When used impactfully, the negative space helps prevent a room from feeling too cluttered while highlighting the positive space.


image 33
Casa Habita in Guadalajara by Dimore Studio Undine Prohl.

Finding a balance between horizontal and vertical lines is key in creating a sense of stability and accentuating the size of a room. For instance, vertical lines can be found among windows and doors, all of which can make a room appear taller. Tall furniture also tends to bring the gaze upwards, visually increasing the height of the ceiling. Dynamic lines such as diagonals, zigzags and curves can be found among features like staircases, or they can be created with the alignment of tiles.


image 34
The Peninsula Hong Kong lobby

Have you ever wondered why some scents remind you of certain places? The sense of smell is closely linked to emotions and memory, making it an important area to tap into. Pleasant aromas can have a significant impact on consumer behaviour. So how does one determine what scent to dispense in a space? The kind of scent chosen should be closely related to the overall experience that the target consumer seeks. For instance, some popular scents in hotel lobbies and corridors include green tea and lemongrass notes to evoke memories of warm nights and ocean escapes. Another great example is the scent of white tea and thyme – a popular combination for an incense-inspired aroma with a clean and crisp edge. 


image 35
Mandarin Oriental Barcelona Lobby

Here’s another factor to note when it comes to designing the hotel lobby – sounds. The acoustics of a space goes beyond creating music playlists; it extends to the early stages of the design process. Carpeting and soft furnishings can help diffuse sounds to reduce unnecessary echoes throughout the space. These materials help to absorb the vibrations as sound waves hit it, reducing its effects, and this can easily be incorporated onto walls and flooring. There are also other ways to add relaxing sounds in your hotel. A hotel with a relaxing spa may benefit from the gentle gurgling sounds of bubbling water to soothe and calm the state of mind.


image 36
Singapore’s first hotel-in-a-garden.

With hotel guests becoming more discerning and environmentally conscious, it can be beneficial to present a range of sustainable features within the property. The best part of incorporating sustainable upgrades lies in the benefit of reduction in energy consumption, ultimately trimming utility bills in the long run. Benefiting both parties and resulting in a happier planet, it’s a win-win situation. Some sustainable options include LED light sources, furniture made from green materials, and eco-friendly carpets.

There’s much to gain in establishing a sense of serenity throughout the hotel. With the common aim of providing a place of rest for your guests, ensuring that your hotel is nothing but relaxing is one of the crucial aspects in retaining their loyalty. Balance is key in creating the space you want to convey to your guests. Go further and make a lasting impression with a scent specially curated to ignite certain emotions. Showing your guests that the hotel cares in various ways can win their trust that will stay for years to come. 

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