Setting The Mood Right For The Best Appetite

15 Sep 2022


Picture what makes up a beautiful interior and the initial thoughts of what wall colour or flooring might come to mind. But a well-executed interior is made up of so much more than that. From the lighting to seating, to developing a well-thought-out concept design to even the addition of bespoke pieces are all key contributors to achieving a memorable interior that surpasses fleeting trends and competitors.


Let’s talk about lighting. Lighting helps to create depth and height – whether it’s to accentuate the loft ceiling height or elongate the space – it helps to draw attention to the finer details within the interior. Light from the natural source should always be maximized where possible. Not only does it help to save electricity during the day, it also complements the other artificial lighting elements. Perhaps consider introducing glass panels, and floor-to-ceiling windows or adapt an open concept floor plan to invite more natural light into the space.

The tricky part in having natural light in a space is its uncontrollable brightness and glare. Counter this by simply installing blinds or drapes to soften the glare. However, do watch out for furniture and tiling that might incur glare or heat retention that could adversely impact your customer’s experience. As cliché as it may sound, it’s about striking a balance. Ensuring a source of sufficient lighting and shade is equally pivotal in adding a fresh vibe in your space, so be sure to take all design aspects into consideration when curating your restaurant interior.

image 41
Vogue Lounge, Bangkok, 2014 by David Collins


The furniture used in a restaurant is often overlooked as one of the least important elements (aside from looking aesthetically gorgeous), but it can impact the overall ambience of the space. For example, picture the seating in fast food establishments, and you might notice that the seating commonly comes in light and cheap materials. These pieces of furniture might be comfortable to sit for a short period of time but it also tends to be uncomfortable after a while. Whereas places such as Starbucks tend to incorporate heavier and bulkier pieces of furniture, giving patrons a sense of comfort that entices them to dine longer.

image 42
Manhattan restaurant Esperanza Cocina de la Playa


Looking beyond the menu, service, and interior design, conceptualising the design of a restaurant is actually one of the first crucial steps before considering any furniture and details. Nailing down the concept design of the establishment helps to better deliver the intended synergy across at first glance. Never to be confused as the ‘theme’, take your time in the developing phase while considering other factors such as the establishment’s vision, value proposition and differentiation point, branding and marketing.

image 43
Amber Ember, Minimalist Cafe in Singapore


It can be challenging to stand out among the competitive food establishment scene but not entirely impossible. For example, try including bespoke pieces to add a unique touch to the interior design. From custom designed furniture pieces to smaller elements such as wallpaper and joinery, the beauty of bespoke lies in its limitless possibilities.

image 44
Wooden pieces (close-up)
image 45
2100 Club in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Many factors come into play in creating the ambience of a restaurant. Spend the time needed to develop the concept of the interior to ensure that the chosen elements match together harmoniously. Make the most of mother nature’s gift and invite in more natural light to liven up the entire space. Aside from lighting, never underestimate the quality of furniture used. The overall aesthetics of the tables and seating can impact how long patrons are willing to stay or even revisit. Standing out among a sea of competitors can be as simple as including a bespoke piece into your space. Do bear in mind – the chosen concept and the selected bespoke pieces should blend in seamlessly so that it does not stick out like a sore thumb.

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