Turning Your Tiny Bathroom Into A Sanctuary

10 Oct 2022


Tight spaces, less than ideal angles to work with, and dreams of achieving top-notch bathroom interiors; undesirable conditions sometimes put a damper on our bathroom goals. But it doesn’t mean that our goals are unachievable.


image 37
Vanity interior design by R ARCHITECTURE

Colours can drastically change the perception of a space, especially in a small bathroom. When it comes to choosing the right colours, there are no hard or fast rules. If your goal is to make the bathroom appear larger than it is, lighter and softer hues will create a sense of spaciousness and airiness. On the other hand, darker colours have been gaining popularity in recent years. When used correctly, sombre hues can turn the tiniest space into a sophisticated moody atmosphere. For instance, placing dark colours or accents against neutral hues can deliver a stylish and striking look.


image 38
Black Bathtub design by Bilal Mansuri

In an already limited bathroom space, there are times when we have to consider the sensible choice: choosing a shower over a bathtub. But don’t shred those dreams of having a tub just yet; you can always opt for a compact bespoke tub tucked away in the corner of the bathroom, donned in a gorgeous natural stone shell for that tasteful appeal. Think ofuro tubs (Japanese soaking tubs). However, settling for a shower isn’t too shabby these days. Elements such as rain showers bring a whole new luxurious flair to the bathroom. You can further alter the perception of the space with a full length glass separator and door, a half height shower wall or consider removing the shower doors altogether, opening up the space further.


image 39
Double sink vanity by Sanibell BV

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous free-standing basin? But when space is limited, a floating sink might be the key in ensuring a clutter-free floor. Consider wall-mounted faucets for a cleaner and sophisticated look, and make the most of the space above the toilet seat and basin area. In a tiny bathroom, built-in storage might just be your best friend, such as installing a ledge above the sink to create a small space for essentials such as toothbrushes. Not a fan of clutter? Consider flushing the storages with the wall for a seamless look, or build a false wall behind the toilet seat to conceal unsightly pipes, creating a shelf for decorative elements such as plants.


image 40
Bathroom Tile Design

These versatile coverings come in a wide range of variety – from the traditional square porcelain tiles to small honeycomb glass-like pieces – the beauty of tiles come in its bespoke abilities. Contrary to what many think, it might be better to use larger format tiles to give the illusion of a larger space compared to smaller dimensions. Apart from using tiles on floors and “splash” zones, consider using them on entire walls. For example, a natural stone tile can exude an elegant style when paired well with other elements such as a natural stone basin.

You may not have the luxury of a huge bathroom space, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for boring designs. First and foremost, determine the shape of the bathroom: is it a square shaped space, a rectangle shaped space? For elongated bathrooms, paint or decorate the ceiling to create the illusion of a larger space. If you’re faced with a narrow bathroom, consider a sliding door that flushes into the wall to avoid awkward squeezy moments while entering and exiting the bathroom. Every detail can make a huge difference in a small bathroom. 

Seeking to turn your bathrooms into therapeutic or picture-worthy spaces with bespoke interior fit-outs and expert fabrication? Get in touch with our team for a free consultation!

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