Furnishing Resorts in the World’s Best Private Islands

30 May 2024


Photo by Waldorf Astoria Seychelles Platte Island

Nestled in a secluded marine Eden lies the Waldorf Astoria Seychelles Platte Island, a beacon of luxury and serenity boasting 50 seaside villas. Each villa offers an exclusive tropical oasis complete with a private pool, spacious patio, and bohemian décor. Behind its exquisite furnishings is a tale of perseverance and ingenuity, orchestrated by onestop and designed by Eco.id Singapore.

The journey to furnish this paradise was not without its challenges. Platte Island, reachable only by private plane, is a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean brimming with wildlife both on land and underwater. Transporting the furnishings to the island required meticulous planning and patience. Given the complexity and the remote location, the project was successfully completed within 15 months, from inception to completion.

onestop waldorf astoria platte island furnishing

The onestop team started with an extensive planning phase, ensuring every detail was covered. One of the most critical phases was logistics. As the shipment arrived at the port, the client swiftly cleared it and tucked the items away in their warehouse. From there, they orchestrated the loading of goods onto barges, a process carried out with meticulous care. Yet, the unpredictability of the elements loomed large. If bad weather struck or no barges were available, the goods could languish in the warehouse, at risk of deteriorating over the span of 3 to 4 weeks. Each barge voyage was meticulously planned to account for weather conditions and tidal schedules, emphasising the importance of precise timing.

The team had to overcome other hurdles such as mishandling on-site, limited connectivity, and a lack of infrastructure. To address these challenges, an on-site production area was established to facilitate the assembly of parts, minimising possible damage during transportation. This ensured that selected furnishings and pieces were fabricated and installed firsthand by onestop’s trusted team.

Instead of transporting the furnishings in complete parts from the factory, they were custom fabricated in small, manageable sections, tailored to the requirements of this project. This approach not only facilitated easier transport but also allowed for seamless assembly on-site. Weekly sprints were conducted, with regular reviews to ensure each piece met the high-quality standards expected by the client. Each piece’s journey from the factory to the final destination was meticulously tracked, ensuring nothing was lost in transit.

Once on the island, the onestop team worked tirelessly to assemble the furnishings. The right expertise was on-site to address any issues immediately, maintaining a smooth workflow.

Despite these obstacles, the team of dedicated and experienced project managers persevered, showcasing their dual expertise. This allowed them to strike a balance between the idealistic vision of a designer and the practical execution of a project manager, seamlessly bringing hospitality projects to life.

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Despite conscientious planning, unforeseen circumstances can arise. Drawing from their wealth of experience, having managed projects like the Alila Kothaifaru Maldives and the Finolhu Baa Atoll Maldives during the COVID-19 turmoil in 2020, the team was equipped more than ever to navigate these challenges while managing costs effectively for their client. 

Managing costs was critical; deciding how much manpower to have on-site for installation and which parts to prioritise required careful consideration to stay within the client’s budget while ensuring high-quality fabrication amidst all the challenges. This experience was further honed through projects like Crossroads Maldives, a large-scale hospitality project in which onestop played an instrumental part. This project comprised the fabrication and installation of furniture, fit-outs, and built-ins for various key sites, including the Hard Rock Maldives resort, SAii Lagoon Maldives’ Curio Collection by Hilton, and the two anchoring cafés on the development – Café Del Mar and Hard Rock Café.

As a working partner who is actively involved in the hospitality industry, we understand the significant opportunity loss that could result from potential delays. Therefore, the team worked skillfully and efficiently, around the clock in shifts, to ensure the project was completed according to the agreed-upon timeline.

Our dedication to quality and excellence shines in every hospitality project we undertake, ensuring that even in the most remote locations, luxury and comfort are never compromised. Get in touch with us to learn how design and pragmatics can seamlessly come together. Discover the perfect balance for your next hospitality project.

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